One-click printing (Windows)

Wuunder has one-click printing for Windows and Mac develops with which you can print a shipping label on a selected printer at the touch of a button. If you want to print even faster, you can connect a (Bluetooth / USB) scanner to your PC. Scan a packing slip and printer without touching the PC via Scan & Print.

Install desktop application
  1. Download the Windows desktop application Wuunder desktop app. If you want to test on the staging environment you use Wuunder desktop app (test environment). PAY ATTENTION! This example uses the Google Chrome browser and Windows 10.
  2. When the file has finished downloading, you will likely receive a message indicating that the file could be dangerous. This happens because the desktop application is still relatively new and is not recognized by Windows, so nothing to worry about!

  3. Then click along the file on the “^” sign and choose “Keep”.

  4. Then click on the downloaded file to open it.

  5. As mentioned earlier, Windows does not yet recognize the desktop application. Therefore press “More information”.

  6. Then click on “Run anyway”. After this the desktop application will be installed.

  7. Log in with your MyWuunder details.

  8. Move your mouse to your name at the top right of the screen and select “Settings”.

  9. Then scroll down to the heading “Preferred printer”.
  10. Then select the printer you want to use. You can send ZPL labels directly to a Zebra printer and PDF labels to a normal label printer such as a Dymo. You can now send your shipping labels directly from MyWuunder to your favorite printer. From your other applications you just keep going to your default printer that you have set up for your PC. Switching between different printers to print shipping labels or documents is no longer necessary.

  11. Press the green “OK” button to save your settings.
  12. Then move your mouse to “Shipments” in the top right corner of the screen and select “Prepare”.

  13. You can then click on the printer icon behind each shipment, which will automatically print the selected shipment. You can also select multiple shipments and print them all by clicking on “Print selected”. It is also possible to print only the labels that you have not printed yet. Then select “Print pending”. That saves time!
  14. Print shipping labels directly without selecting by using a scanner. If you scan the order number in a barcode on a pick list or invoice, we print the corresponding shipping label in one go without you having to select anything. Interested? read here .
Print shipping labels quickly and easily