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We make sending and receiving all packages, pallets and documents easy, personal and efficient. And cheaper. Whether you send documents, packages or pallets and whether it's a few a week or a hundred a day. Request a quote or have one of our experts make a free logistics analysis to discover how we can best help you.
Why make things difficult when Wuunder can make it easier?

The more shipments, the more discount

Wuunder offers you the best price with the best carrier. You decide whether you ship cheaply, efficiently or quickly. And we pick up your package via most carriers to you for free. And the more you send, the more discount you get. Every week that you send for more than € 75, you automatically receive a discount. It can be up to 10%! We give the discount over the basic rates and not over surcharges such as extra handling or too heavy or import levies.
 Discount table | Amount per week
€ 0 € 75 0%
€ 76 € 150 5%
€ 151 € 250 7,5%
more than € 500 10%
We calculate the discount on the total amount per week, excluding VAT, rounded up.

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The costs of using Wuunder depend entirely on the number of shipments, but also on the size, distance and content. That is why you can request a quote below without obligation. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss what exactly your wishes are and how we can support you in this.