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If you ship with different carriers, you must take into account all the carrier's terms and conditions. For example, you cannot insure some shipments or if they are damaged, you cannot hold the carrier liable. Below we have listed a few points for attention, so that you and your customer are not faced with unpleasant surprises.

Do you have questions? Then contact your account manager or give us a call customer service.

1. Transfer lists as evidence for missing shipments

If it concerns a missing shipment, it is important that you can prove that the shipment was handed over to the carrier. Can't you? Then the carrier will not accept a claim or conduct further investigation. Wuunder cannot mean anything to you at that time.

That is why we recommend that you work with our smart transfer lists. When all shipments are ready, you can print this list at the touch of a button. Have the driver sign this list. This way you always have proof that you have given your shipments to the carrier. Is a shipment lost? Then it is easier to file a claim with the carrier.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, this now works differently per carrier. Ask our expert how it works for you.

2. Insure valuable shipments

Broken or missing shipments are often compensated based on weight and shipping costs. However, products such as jewelry or cell phones don't weigh as much as they are worth. Uninsured shipments are therefore insufficiently compensated.

Insuring your shipments is very easy with Wuunder. With fixed import rules you can automatically insure shipments above a certain value. Do you need help with these choices or are you curious about which carriers offer the best insurance? You can always contact your account manager or customer service for more information. 

3. Content of the shipment

Carriers do not always want to take responsibility or liability for all types of shipments. Do you ship one of the goods below? Then it is wise to contact your account manager to choose the most suitable packaging and carrier together. 

  1. Glaswerk
    Sending glass is complicated for many carriers because it breaks quickly. Many carriers therefore do not transport it. The combination of the correct packaging and carrier can still make it possible to ship it properly.

  2. Liquid goods
    When liquid goods break during transport, not only that shipment is broken, but possibly also all other shipments that were traveling at that time. Many carriers therefore have special conditions for sending liquid goods. In some cases, they can hold you liable for damage to other shipments.

  3. Fresh goods
    Many carriers have special arrangements for fresh goods. When the shipment remains at a depot for a few days longer and it starts to rot or mold, this is of course very annoying. Of course, suitable carriers can also be found for this.

  4. Dangerous goods
    Acids, flammable or explosive goods are often refused in advance if you want to give them to a normal transport service. Make sure you send the right goods with the right carrier to avoid nasty accidents and possible liability.

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