business opportunities

Wuunder coordinates and communicates

Working together and having passed each other is something that Wuunder firmly replies to 'yes'. That is why we work with a wide range of business partners who surprise our joint customers with reliable transport, fullfilment and other extra services. And we are always looking for new business opportunities.

Why make things difficult when Wuunder can make it easier?
  • National and International couriers (fast transport)
  • Groupage carriers, LTL, FTL, ADR and country specialists
  • Volume transport providers
  • Domestic carriers 
  • Carriers that offer period / time window delivery to both private and business addresses
  • International Express carriers
  • Air freight (door to door, airport to airport, door to airport service)
  • Carriers that offer same day, next day and delivery on Saturday / Sunday
  • Logistics and warehousing (temporary goods storage and transshipment)
  • High-value transport
  • Transport of length shipments
  • Transport performed by two people
  • Unpacked transport
  • Customs support
  • Refrigerated transport
  • Fulfillment and storage
  • Cross dock activities
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But that will take me a lot of time ...

That's better than expected! We take over all the questions from the sender and recipient so that you can concentrate on transport or storage etc. Together we determine how we be able to automate the receipt of transport orders as much as possible. If your customer needs an IT solution, we will arrange that.  All other work is arranged by Wuunder.

Want to know more about working together?

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of Wuunder and a possible business partnership? Or would you like to discover prospective business partners? Feel free to contact us without any obligation. Click the button below and send a message, call us or let us call you back when it suits you.