e-Commerce specialists

Working together to fulfill customer needs

Distinctiveness is one of the most important factors to be successful as a company. Webshops can only stand out from the competition by offering their customers a range of convenient shipping options in the checkout of their shop. This allows customers to choose easily how they want to receive their order. We can help e-commerce parties fulfill customer wishes. Our specialists work closely together to achieve optimal results in a short time. For custom shops or web shops that require a little more action, we provide customised solutions where necessary.

Why bother when it can be achieved together?

Direct contact with developers

Nothing is better than communication paths. Wuunder has a team of no-nonsense developers who collaborate with e-commerce specialists. With Github improvements can be passed on and we will then take them up.

In addition to Github, you can of course also contact our developers directly by telephone or e-mail if you can use some extra help with linking.  

We put customers in touch with e-commerce specialists

We regularly hear from our customers that they are looking for a specialist in the field of e-commerce. As we do not build web shops ourselves, we connect all customers who approach us directly with our business partners.

Proactively track shipments

Unique features, satisfied customers

Where necessary, we develop the desired features for our joint customers. Customization is inseparable linked to our philosophy of listening carefully to the wishes of customers. However, customers' wishes often resemble each other. Therefore we like to make all customers happy using the creativity of other customers.

Want to know more about working together?

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