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Save time, money and unnecessary frustration with Wuunder's unique service: proactively tracking your shipments. We keep a close eye on every shipment from collection to delivery and take immediate action towards the carrier, sender or recipient in the event of problems, without you having to give instructions. Whether there are issues like uncollected shipment, a delay, a lost shipment or an address incorrectly entered by the recipient, we handle all these for you. We also keep your customers proactively informed about the progress of the shipment. This secretly leaves you with a lot of time that you can spend on doing business yourself.

This service is available free of charge when you use Wuunder's convenient transport contracts. Of course it is also possible to activate this service on your own transport contract

Why make things difficult when Wuunder can make it easier?

Once you have printed a shipping label, we will send an email to the recipient so that they can track the shipment. This e-mail can be sent in Dutch, German, English or French. In addition to the delivery address and the content of the shipment, the e-mail also contains a photo of the order (if you use a shipping module) and a personal text. If you send multiple shipments to the recipient at once, we will ensure that the recipient only receives one e-mail. It is of course possible to further personalize this e-mail in your own house style or to send it from your own mailbox. 

We pamper the recipient

We are your watchdog for the carriers

We sink our teeth into every problem that occurs during transport. Whether it is about an uncollected shipment, a lost shipment or any other transport problem, we will immediately get to work for you. When we approach the carrier, the sending party or the recipient, we will continue to call and email until we get an appropriate response and they take action. 

We help the shipper manage the transport



transport problems

get money back



We check whether collections have been carried out correctly

Always an extra eye on things

When a shipment is ready to travel to its final destination, we monitor whether the shipment is actually picked up by the driver. As soon as we see that this is not the case for all your shipments, we will immediately check this with you. If you confirm this, we will immediately book a new collection. If we notice that a specific shipment has not been collected, we will contact you immediately to ask whether it has been sent. We provide this service not only at your own location, but also at the location of your supplier or your customer. This is particularly useful when you want to have returns picked up.  In short: you never have to keep an eye on whether drivers have visited different carriers and picked up your shipments. 

Of course we also check whether shipments delivered to a Parcelshop are picked up by the carrier.

first aid for delays

Even though delays cannot be avoided, we try to reduce any inconvenience. We know better than anyone how time-consuming and tedious it can be to have to contact the carrier yourself to find out where the shipment is going.Because we follow every shipment closely, we immediately intercept the shipments that have been delayed and take over this work completely from you. This also applies to shipments that unexpectedly return. As soon as we detect a delay, we give the carrier one extra working day to resolve it. If it is not resolved, we will immediately contact the carrier to ask what is wrong with the shipment.

When the delay is incurred because you accidentally made a mistake such as a forgotten shipment or sending a non-EU shipment without the correct paperwork (commercial invoice), we will of course also report this immediately. If this is the case, we will inform you immediately.

we solve transport problems for you in no time

Proactively informing customers

When we detect that the carrier has not been able to deliver the shipment as agreed, we immediately investigate. The most common reason is an incorrectly entered address. In that case, we will send an email to the recipient to find out the correct address. We will then immediately forward the additional information to find the address or the changed address details to the carrier so that the shipment can be delivered again. This not only saves you a lot of phone calls from angry recipients, but also a lot of time because you never have to pass on the new addresses to the carrier yourself.

Of course, it may also have other reasons why your shipment has gone wrong, such as a shipment that is returned immediately after the first delivery attempt, is immediately taken to a Parcel Shop without a delivery attempt or if the recipient has no idea where the shipment was delivered due to lack of communication from the carrier. Then we will also contact the carrier directly to solve this problem. If a carrier indicates that the shipment has been refused at the delivery address, we will immediately check this with the recipient. As soon as this is not the case, we will immediately start to solve this as well.

We do everything we can to get your money back

Sometimes shipments can be lost, stolen or damaged somewhere in the delivery process, no matter how much we would like to prevent it. When we identify these problems, we immediately ask the carrier to clarify them. If it concerns a damaged shipment, we ensure that the shipment is returned. We communicate this to both your own company and the recipient.

Then, at your request, we immediately start a claim process against the carrier to recover the damage and get your money back. If a carrier has not performed your chosen transport service correctly, we will also apply for a credit. All you have to do yourself is to send the purchase invoice, photos of the returned shipment that is damaged and possibly the proof of delivery. For shipments that have been returned incorrectly, we try to recover the costs of the return journey plus the fine received from the carrier. By doing this, we hope to ease the 'pain' for you as much as possible.

This service is also free of charge when you use Wuunder's transport contracts. Of course it is also possible to activate this service on your own transport contract.


we will send a reminder to the recipient to avoid returns

Print from your familiar working environment

Within this service we keep your customers informed about their orders. As a result, we try to limit the number of shipments that are returned. As soon as the shipment has been delivered to a Parcel shop or collection point, the recipient will receive a message that the shipment can be picked up. When we detect that the shipment has not been picked up after three working days, we will send the recipient a reminder email to notify them that the package is picked up. If possible, we ask the carrier to keep the shipment longer in the Parcelshop or the collection point. With this we try to prevent shipments from being returned. Unfortunately, this does depend on the flexibility of the carrier. 

We ensure that the collection of your returns runs smoothly

When a shipment has to be returned, this is arranged in 'no time' via our smart shipping software. With the push of a button you can arrange for a shipment to be returned the way you want: via a parcelshop or by pick-up at the customer's location. When collection has been arranged, we monitor whether the recipient has actually given the shipment to the driver. We then closely monitor every shipment and immediately contact the carrier as soon as we detect a delay. If something goes wrong during the return delivery, we will, if possible, request a credit for any damage or theft that has occurred.

Track shipments

Track your shipments easily & conveniently

Increase control over the transport process and track your shipments the way you want. You monitor all shipments via different carriers from MyWuunder, your own trusted webshop work environment, the API or via your mobile. The possibilities are endless.

Combine with other Wuunder services?

Wuunder does not only coordinate your entire transport and communicates with shippers, carriers and your warehouse or dropshipping locations. We can do much more for you! We arrange the fulfillment of your orders, but are also glad to answer all transport questions by telephone. If you use your own transport contract, you can have Wuunder check the carrier's invoice. We reclaim the wrongly invoiced shipments from the carriers. Take a look at the page about our extra services.

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