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automate your Red Je Pakketje shipping process

Link your shipping process to Red je Pakketje and say goodbye to manually typing your address details. For every order, Wuunder's Red je Pakketje rates for the various services and delivery times are automatically displayed. In this overview you can book your shipment at the touch of a button. In addition, we also automate the pick & pack process in your warehouse and the printing of shipping labels via our smart shipping software.

When you use our proactive customer service, we track all your shipments closely and we immediately work on resolving issues. So you really don't have to do anything yourself!

Use your own contract or take advantage of the convenient Wuunder rates

Get instant access to the various Red je Pakketje shipping options and enjoy all the benefits. Make use of the sharp Red je Pakketje rates via Wuunder or load your own transport contract. In MyWuunder you will see the Wuunder Red je pakketje rates per service, when the shipment is picked up and delivered. Depending on your weekly volume, you can quickly do a lot ask for a discount.

You can combine the desired transport service of Red je Pakketje with other carriers so that you always choose a shipping method that best suits your business.


Red je Pakketje sameday


  • Same day delivery between 18:00 PM and 22:00 PM from Monday to Friday
  • When not delivering at home to the neighbors. The shipment will be returned after 2 delivery attempts to the consumer
  • Deliver yourself at one of the Red je Pakketje drop-off points
  • Free delivery receipt and the shipment can be tracked via track-and-trace including planned delivery time
  • Maximum weight of 20 kilograms
  • Maximum dimensions 180 x 120 x 120 cm per package
  • Maximum belt size (1x length plus 2x width plus 2x height) of 260 cm
  • Each package is insured up to a maximum amount of € 250,00
additional options
  • Pick up at a business address
  • Forward to another address
  • Deliver in the letterbox
  • Extra heavy shipments (package between 20 and 30 kilograms)
  • Extra large shipments (belt size 1x length plus 2x width plus 2x height of maximum 320 cm)

Well prepared to avoid long delivery time

Prevent unpleasant surprises and increase the chance that your packages will reach their final destination on time. Save costs by complying with the minimum and maximum dimensions and weights used by Red je Pakketje

Max. size
Max weight
Max. belt size
Save your package Sameday
180 x 120 x 120 cm
20 kg
260 cm

Arranged quickly, delivered quickly

A positive shipping experience stimulates brand loyalty and trust in your business. Conquer your customers with the 'ordered today, delivered today' promise and meet the growing expectations regarding shipping. Red je Pakketje invariably delivers from Monday to Friday and delivers on the same day between 18:00 PM and 22:00 PM. Should the first delivery attempt fail, the shipment will be delivered to the neighbors. When the neighbors are not at home or accept the shipment, they try it a second time for free. After the second failed delivery attempt to the consumer, the shipment will be returned. Via the track-and-trace you can follow the entire 'journey' of your shipment in detail from your own transport overview including the planned delivery time and you can see if your shipment has actually reached its final destination.

Do not worry about non-standard sizes

In addition to the standard dimensions and weights that Red je Pakketje uses in its product portfolio, they offer the additional option of sending 'heavier guns'. This service also allows you to send shipments with a weight between 20 and 30 kilograms or with a belt size of 320 cm.

Action for delayed shipments
Combine carriers

Pick up without any hassle

  • Take advantage of the collection service of Red je pakketje on working days. This is free from 20 packages.
  • You can of course also choose to send your shipments to a Red je pakketje of Dropoff Points near you.
  • Do you have a last minute shipment? No problem. Then book an express shipment or extra late pick-up via courier in 'no time' and avoid delay and disappointed customers.

Wuunder can arrange the (daily) pick-up for you in various ways.

With Red je Pakketje having shipments picked up is possible in the Netherlands

Wuunder has a contract and an integration with Red je Pakketje in the Netherlands. Here we can book shipments for you fully automatically. Collection and delivery is not possible on the Wadden Islands.

Dutch flag
The Netherlands

Create extra security in your delivery process

Increase control in your delivery process and always send your shipments with peace of mind. Via the SameDay service from Red je Pakketje your shipments are insured as standard up to a maximum amount of € 250.

send unpackaged packages effortlessly
Save minutes on every order

Rely on a successful delivery

Always include the company name, contact person, telephone number and
e-mail address and limit the number of returns, if the driver, for whatever reason, is unable to deliver your shipment to its final destination.
By doing so you remain responsible for the product until your customer has actually received the package.

Combine Red je pakketje with other carriers?

Wuunder collaborates with more than 300 suitable carriers. Do you want to know which other carriers are connected or what their qualities are? Then take a look at the page about the most used carriers.