Dynamic checkout

Get a higher conversion in the check-out of your webshop

Never charge too much or too little for transport in the check-out of your webshop and provide your customers with detailed transit information. This is now possible with the Dynamic Check-out. This feature for webshop integrations ensures that the conversion in your webshop and customer satisfaction increases. 

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Always the correct rates and transit times in the check-out

With many shipping modules you create shipping rules for your webshop. These are often general rules, such as 'a shipment sent within the Netherlands always costs €6,75'. But if you send a shipment to one of the Wadden Islands in the Netherlands, for example, it will cost more than €6,75. This is because a surcharge applies to many carriers. With the general shipping rules, you often ask too little for the transport of these types of shipments in the check-out of your webshop.

Showing the number of days that a shipment has been in transit remains common with simple shipping rules. This is because it must be set per country. For example, with the general shipping rules, a shipment to the United States costs €30 and the journey takes seven days. Too bad, because a shipment to New York, for example, costs € 19,25 and takes two days to arrive. This incorrect information can make the difference with a comparable webshop that does provide the correct information and therefore charges a better rate and shorter delivery time.

Correct transport prices and realistic delivery times ensure a higher conversion in your checkout. You will never charge too much transport costs to your customers again, but you will also never ask too little. Money that you pay out of your own pocket at that moment…

Transport becomes an extension of your product. Focusing on price is a race to the bottom. The solution is winning on added value. That added value is 'tailor-made' transport.

You can also expand the dynamic check-out with detailed shipping rules, such as 'free shipping from €50'. These are rules that you set in advance. You determine them and we manage them. This saves you a lot of time that you can spend on other things. Yes that is


Higher conversion in your check-out

 With the PuzzlPack module we look at the size of the different items that are purchased by the customer at the check-out. This determines which standard unit the packaging of these items fits into. Based on this information we show the correct shipping costs for your customer. The shipping prices for the various transportation services shown at check-out are based on carrier, service and price. In addition, no unnecessarily large boxes means that less space is taken up in the parcel box, which is also good for the environment!

Respond even better to your customer's wishes with Wuunder City Fulfillment

With Wuunder City Fulfillment, the stocks of your physical store(s) and in the Wuunder City Fulfillment locations are taken into account in the check-out of your webshop. This way you make it possible to deliver your orders within 1 to 4 hours. 

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