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Save time on your business's most intensive process: shipping. Connect your Opencart shop and directly select your favorite carriers and delivery options. In addition, we also automate the pick-and-pack process in your warehouse and the printing of shipping labels via our smart shipping software..

When you use our proactive customer service, we track all your shipments closely and we immediately work on resolving issues. So you really don't have to do anything yourself!

START in 'no time'

Connect your Opencart shop to Wuunder within a few clicks. You can discover how you can install the Opencart shipping module and link the integration for importing bulk orders in our manual. Follow the practical steps and start immediately with more efficient shipping.

Impress your customers with great delivery options

combine multiple carriers and countless delivery options

Optimize your checkout and decide which shipping methods you want to provide your customer with. By combining multiple carriers and shipping options from more than 300 national and international carriers such as DPD, DHL Parcel, PostNL, GLS, UPS, TNT and Same Day, you always offer your customers the best choices during checkout.

Combine endlessly with carriers and delivery options
Compose the shipping method yourself

Compose the shipping method yourself

Arrange the shipping methods in your check-out entirely according to your own wishes. From entering a desired amount of shipping costs, free shipping of shipments with a certain order quantity, to determining countries to which you want to send shipments. Within this it is possible to personalize your selected shipping methods by providing it with your own name. This name is then shown during the checkout of a product in your shop.

Strengthen the bond with your customer

Create that 'wow' moment at the customer with tracking emails with a personal touch and increase the anticipation for the recipient. This includes automatically adding a photo and product description of the purchase from your OpenCart shop.

However, we go much further by tracking every shipment for you and contacting the shipper, carrier and receiver. You discover all the details here.

** Fully personalize your delivery process and automatically send messages from your own email server at various times such as when booking, label printing and when the shipment is picked up. You decide when to send something.

Work from your trusted webshop environment

Work from your familiar webshop environment

Stay proactively informed about the progress of your shipments within your own familiar order overview in your shop. After booking a shipment, we automatically send the track-and-trace url, name of the carrier and the shipping label to your shop and update the order status so that you know that the order has been shipped. This means you always have all the necessary information at hand and you can even print the shipping label and track the shipment directly from your own shop.

Enjoy the maximum convenience

Print from your familiar working environment

Send orders with maximum ease

Save time (and money) and process all your orders without any effort. Book your orders individually or in bulk from your own dashboard. Avoid manual data transfer, as all available order and contact details from your shop will be automatically forwarded to MyWuunder.

Increase control over your shipping process

Specify the method for sending your shipment yourself: manually per order or all outstanding orders at the same time in bulk. Reduce the occurence of errors and increase the chance that shipments will actually reach your customer with our automatic address check. Enrich the order data of your shop by establishing smart import rules. This makes the sending of shipments lacking data such as dimensions or weight, and even multi-package shipments fully automated. Check out our guide for helpful examples and information on how to implement.

Wuunder supports you in the entire shipping process

Wuunder offers everything you need to ship more efficiently in your business. Process your orders smarter and faster, print shipping labels without any effort, simplify the shipping process in your warehouse, proactively manage all your orders under one roof and exceed your customers' expectations. 
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