what should I do with the shipping label?

In order to make the delivery machine run smoothly and increase the chance that your shipments will actually reach the final destination, you have to take into account a number of conditions. 

Check the tips below to send without problems
  • Print the shipping label on white paper.
  • Set your printer to the best print quality and do not enlarge or reduce the label
  • Never attach tape over the barcode
  • Stick the label on the top of your package or on one of the two long sides near a pallet
  • Make sure the barcode is always flat and easily visible (not folded over the edge)
  • Remove any old barcodes that may still be present on the packaging
  • Bonus tip: We recommend that you put a copy of the shipping documents - or at least the recipient's address - in the package to be sure. This is in case something happens to the shipping label.

crash course print shipping labels

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