34 percent of parcels delayed due to strikes and bad weather

Last weekend, no less than a third of the parcels (34%) in the Netherlands were delayed. This is evident from our data analysis. The fact that so many packages were delayed is due to the strikes and bad weather of the past few days.

Most delays in Overijssel, South Holland and Flevoland
In all provinces, the packages were on the road longer than intended last weekend. The worst was in Overijssel, where 44 percent of parcels were delayed. The delivery of parcels was also delayed in South Holland and Flevoland: 39 and 38 percent of parcels were delayed there respectively. We saw the fewest delays in the province of Gelderland, where a quarter (25%) of the parcels were delayed.

Jeroen Gehlen, our co-founder: “We have had a weekend with a lot of rain and wind gusts and on top of that there were also strikes by parcel deliverers. The consequences of this are clearly reflected in the high number of delayed packages. These packages still have to be processed in the coming days, which may also delay orders placed after the weekend. This is how we end up from the rain to the drip. To prevent situations like this in the future, it is advisable as a retailer to switch to a multi-carrier strategy, so that you can easily switch between carriers and continue to offer your customers the shortest delivery time.” 

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