5 tips for more structure in your warehouse

Last week we published one article about how you can create a better overview in your warehouse with Wuunder's unique transport services. Today we will discuss this further. Discover how with these 5 tips you can get even better pick & pack quality that makes your customers even happier.

Step 1

All work the same way

To keep the quality delivered in your warehouse continuously high, it is important that the work is carried out consistently. Make sure that every employee in the warehouse is aware of the different processes. So make them clear and visible. This can be done in different ways: write a how to, hang an overview in a good place in your warehouse, develop an online course, etc. It is important that the work is carried out in the same way by all employees. This allows you to manage expectations in your warehouse and communication is more efficient. 

Bonus tip: If every employee is aware of the most important processes, they will not be disrupted when one or more of the employees have a day off. Picking and packing orders can continue as usual, without any arrears.

Step 2

Investigate which articles belong together

Do you offer the option 'matching articles' or 'often bought together' in your webshop? Or do you see a trend in items that are often bought together? Then put these items closer together in the warehouse. The picking and packing of these orders is much faster. Your warehouse employee does not have to travel unnecessary meters, or perhaps kilometers

Step 3

Communicate the right message at the right time

As soon as your customer has placed an order, until it appears on the doormat: the recipient always wants to be kept informed of the shipping process. Be proactive in your communication. Has the shipment been booked, the package packed or picked up by the carrier? Is the product out of stock? Whatever the situation, let the customer know. Open and honest communication creates a higher customer satisfaction and understanding of the situation. 

Step 4

Reduce errors through packing slips with barcodes

Sending the wrong product to your customer obviously makes the wrong impression. In addition, it takes you an average of 30 minutes to solve this. Then we have not even talked about the extra shipping costs. With the use of a packing slip with barcode, you reduce situations like this. Verify that the weight of the shipment matches the weight on the packing slip. This is a handy extra check. Scan the packing slip and immediately print the correct shipping label. This prevents disappointed customers and also ensures that nothing is taken away from your profit margins.

Step 5

Last but not least: this is how you set up the perfect packing table

It might be a bit obvious, but a well-appointed packing table is already half the work. Nothing is more annoying if you are packing an order and, for example, the tape is not in place. Time is money. 

These are the most important elements of a packing table: PC or laptop, Bluetooth barcode scanner, label printer, tape, boxes and material to possibly fill up your package. Set up a place where you collect your packed orders per carrier, so you also keep an overview. 

Do you have any questions?

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