After payment of holiday allowance, more packages were ordered en masse: an increase of 31 percent compared to normal

After the holiday allowance was transferred, the Netherlands started ordering online en masse. This is evident from a data analysis by logistics service provider Wuunder. The number of delivered packages increased by no less than 27 percent in the week after the holiday allowance (2 May to 31 June) compared to the average number of delivered packages in the rest of 2024.

Wuunder also investigated whether there was an increase or decrease in the number of orders in this specific week compared to 2023. This turned out not to be too bad: only 1,3 percent more parcels were delivered this year than a year earlier. .

No delay in delivery after holiday pay
Despite the enormous spike in order volume after the holiday allowance had been paid, carriers appeared to have no difficulty in getting the packages delivered on time. Only four percent of the packages were delayed last week, which is the average for normal weeks.

Jeroen Gehlen, founder of Wuunder: “The payment of holiday pay is, in addition to Black Friday and December, one of the regular moments when consumers order online en masse. Many consumers like to use the 'extra' to reward themselves for a year of hard work. Retailers can prepare well for this by ensuring that they have their processes in order: from the website including checkout, to order picking and delivery. If you have encountered any challenges this year, take them into account in your preparations for Black Friday. That is actually closer than you think.”