When choosing a carrier, the majority of retailers are guided by the price

23 percent always choose the cheapest parcel carrier

Weert – For 68 percent of retailers, price is the most important factor when choosing a carrier. A quarter (23%) are even strict about this: they only send shipments via the cheapest parcel carrier. This is evident from research by shipping platform Wuunder, conducted among almost three hundred people responsible for the logistics process within Dutch companies. 

Quality and speed also important criteria 

However, it is not the case that price always takes precedence over quality at retailers. For 65 percent, delivery quality plays a major role in choosing a carrier. Delivery speed is also an important criterion for 47 percent. The reputation (8%), a well-known name (6%) or the experiences of other parties (4%) are much less decisive for retailers when choosing a carrier. 

Experience abroad and reputation are not decisive 

When retailers look at carriers, this usually concerns shipments within our national borders. However, for twelve percent it is important whether a carrier has experience with delivery to another country within the EU. An even smaller percentage (8%) looks at whether a carrier has experience outside the EU. 

Jeroen Gehlen, co-founder at Wuunder: “It does not surprise me that many retailers consider price as the most important factor when choosing a carrier. The Dutch are of course a price-conscious people, but it is good to see that many retailers also attach great importance to quality and delivery speed. These two factors are extremely important to keep your customers satisfied. And this also ensures that the customer service telephone is not constantly ringing off the hook. However, I think it is a shame to see that sustainable delivery is not so high on the list. Consumers find sustainable delivery increasingly important, so retailers must move along with this.”