Surprise with an innovative transport management service

More than seventy percent of all customer contact of a webshop is about the status of the shipment. A shame and unnecessary, says Jeroen Gehlen, co-founder of Wuunder. “With Wuunder, we offer the most innovative transport management service for all your shipments worldwide. We are the link between the selling party, the sender, the carrier and the receiver, streamlining all communication in the chain in a direct and personal way. Regardless of whether it concerns an individual package, a pallet or sea container.”

Wuunder is the director of transport and fulfillment. “We combine existing transport solutions and offer our customers the freedom and flexibility to choose the most suitable carrier,” explains Gehlen. “And we go very far in that. For example, we already have 2-hour deliveries in major cities with a number of customers. A super fast service that we can offer to every webshop. Our IT platform is able to manage the stock and thanks to smart algorithms it is determined where you can best place your products, so that most buyers can receive these products within two hours.”

No more shipping worries

Wuunder's IT platform connects parties that would otherwise never find each other. “We are programmers and make sure that the information exchange runs smoothly,” says Gehlen. “The entire shipping process is automated. Creating a shipping label is just the beginning for us as a transportation management service. We book your document, package, pallet and (sea) container with more than 300 carriers, track the shipment, check the invoices, provide customer service if desired, etc. In other words, we take care of all shipping worries. Our solution is built like a Lego box, which can be expanded modularly with a large number of functionalities. We therefore employ a relatively large number of account managers who help to organize the shipping process for our customers as well as possible. In addition, our IT department supports the realization of all connections.”

Range of solutions

The range of solutions within the Wuunder platform means that webshops can distinguish themselves in transport, without having to work on it. “They can fully focus on their core business and don't have to worry about transportation,” says Gehlen. “The service level is really very high. In addition to a choice of many shipping solutions, City Fulfillment even takes all packaging material back with you. Through far-reaching integrations and cross-border partnerships, one can also benefit from many economies of scale. Think, for example, of combining shipments on pallets to Germany, so that they are only sorted on site. In that regard, we are really looking for web shops that want to make a difference with transport. We can provide the perfect carrier for every job. It saves time, money and prevents irritations and unnecessary customer contact.”


The Wuunder platform is suitable for every webshop, from small to large. “We are happy with every package,” says Gehlen. “Whether you have one package picked up or a full trailer, if the driver doesn't show up, things go wrong in both cases. We have connected very complex customers, but also customers who can work with standard options. That is the advantage of our platform structure. Everyone can benefit from it.” Finally, the E-commerce Printing on Demand links that Wuunder has developed together with are unique. By means of this Printing on Demand link, products can be sold on e-commerce platforms, which are automatically printed as soon as the order is placed. “As a web shop, you can, for example, offer books, wall decoration or other printed products that do not physically exist yet.

The product is only printed when the order is placed. It prevents unnecessary stocks and is a showpiece of a sustainable economy. And there are many other creative solutions that can be devised using this technique.”

As innovative as the transport management service is, the corporate structure at Wuunder is just as innovative. “We develop in a very special programming language in which WhatsApp is also built. We do this with teams that are completely self-managing. We don't like managers and work completely from home with our 35 employees. We already did that before corona. If you are interested in a job, feel free to contact us and surprise us. We are always looking for new and enthusiastic employees,” concludes Gehlen.

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