Amazon definitely to the Netherlands: what does this mean for your webshop?

Combine the best of both worlds and generate more sales

The bullet is through the church: Amazon, the largest e-commerce giant in the world is coming to the Netherlands. Amazon has been targeting the Dutch market for some time. For example, in 2018 the brand translated two million web pages from the German web shop into Dutch and iDEAL was added as a payment method. But from the first quarter of 2020, Amazon will conquer the entire Dutch market via Not only the sale of books, but with its full range. A radical change with major consequences for the entire e-commerce Netherlands. However, many webshop owners make the conscious choice not to offer their products at Amazon. A stupid move or brilliant? In this article you will discover how the webshop can combine the best of both worlds.

A powerful starting point for global growth

Many webshops feel the hot breath of due to the full market introduction. In view of Amazon's strong growth in total market share in the Netherlands, that is not surprising. This often feels like a real threat for webshops with a smaller range. Still, offering your products through Amazon can also be a powerful starting point for global growth and boosting your brand awareness. Because of the enormous online reach of this e-commerce giant, you can market your products worldwide within a considerable period of time. It's a handy marketing tool to grow your shop quickly and build a real 'fan base' for your brand. When an Amazon shopper falls in love with your product, there is a good chance that you can then operate and conquer them via your own webshop.

Dare devil or a customer-driven superhero?

Over 54% of online purchase searches start with Amazon. Still, for many web shop owners, this doesn't seem convincing enough to link their shop to the Amazon sales channel. Recent worldwide research by BigCommerce (2019) shows that over 70% of the 800 webshop owners surveyed consciously choose not to offer their products via Amazon. And they have very good reasons for that!

Data is the new gold

30% of website owners say that collecting customer data themselves is the main reason for not selling their products through Amazon. A logical fact, data is the new gold and plays a crucial role in the total customer experience. Continuing to bind and captivate your customers with cool promotions, stimulating a repeat purchase or keeping up to date with new developments are fundamental to strengthening the bond with your customer. In fact, a positive customer experience stimulates brand loyalty and trust in your business. Another reason is that Amazon does not match what they want to radiate as a webshop (27%), followed by the reason that webshops want to make the entire experience complete with their own personal website pages (17%) and branded packaging (9%).

Excel in customer experience

Do you prioritize your customer's experience as the speed of shipping? Then chances are that Wuunder can help you very well! We understand all too well how precious customer contact is and therefore put both your business and your customer first. With our smart shipping software you not only automate the entire shipping process, but also the check-out of your shop and you get direct access to all carriers. This gives you the opportunity to combine multiple carriers with flexible delivery options from more than 20 national and international carriers such as DHL, DPD, PostNL, GLS and Sameday and always offer your customers the best choices during checkout. This allows you to create a checkout that exceeds Amazon's shipping options. In addition, we ensure that you can communicate with your customer at all times until the package has reached its final destination. Next level customer experience? Check!

Increase brand awareness

Combine the best of both worlds and excel in both customer experience and growth. Connect your shop to our via Wuunder Amazon integration and hitch a ride on their huge success. This allows you to present your products to a larger audience worldwide within a short period of time and also saves you minutes per order. With our smart shipping software you can book, print and return all shipments from your own dashboard and process all incoming orders effortlessly.

Think big, dare big

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