Automation of your shipping process starts with the right link

Shipping is a time consuming process. Before the order falls on your customer's doorstep, a lot of work is required. How easy would it be to automate importing contact details, booking shipments with a carrier, and printing shipping labels? Wuunder offers the solution: easy coupling. The automation of your shipping process starts with the right link. Read more about the possibilities and the benefits in this article. 

Which links are possible?

Save time by never manually transferring data again? By linking your shipping data to Wuunder, you create, as it were, a seamless connection between your company and the shipment. In other words, almost all manual actions are automated with the help of shipping software. Webshop, marketplace, ERP / CRM or WMS system? Or rather work with an API, copy addresses using the Chrome Extension or via CSV files? View it here full offer.

Smart shipping rules

By drawing up shipping rules, you automatically book shipments with specific characteristics with the correct shipping method. Set your preferences once and change with one click where necessary. So you have to manually book your shipments. This saves you minutes per order and reduces the chance of errors. For example, do you always want to send shipments to France with a value under € 520 with DPD? Is possible! You determine your preferences.

Is your desired link not listed?

Our developers can develop a custom connection for almost any system. You can also count on us for technical matters, such as help with integrating your coupling or with installation problems. You can reach our IT department every working day from 08:30 to 17:00 by email or telephone. Prefer a screen sharing with one of our developers? Also possible! This way you can see in real life how they solve any problems for you. Take here. contact on.

Wuunder checks billing and answers customer questions

In addition to smart shipping rules, there are a number of other useful tools that help you simplify your shipping process. Do you use multiple carriers? That automatically means multiple invoices. We can completely take over the checking of invoices. In case of inaccuracies such as an incorrect or previously charged rate, we will immediately ask you for the money back from the carrier. This means you never pay too much! In addition, our customer service colleagues can also speak to your customers by telephone and handle every transport request in detail. This way you can focus on more important things in your company. Discover here. all our extras. 

discover more?

Do you want to know more about easy pairing? read it here.. Do you have any questions or can we help you elsewhere in the shipping process? Call or email us. Then we will look for a suitable solution together!