Cool new possibilities in Wuunder platform

Wuunder wants to keep 'deluding' you with all kinds of new possibilities in our platform. By continuously developing and improving the (software) possibilities, we strive to make your logistics process a little easier. 'Who says A must do B' is a promise that we are only too happy to keep. That is why we are proud to present a number of novelties that make booking, preparing and tracking all your shipments a piece of cake. 

Especially in this busy December month it is nice if you are unburdened in some areas. However, that can be exciting with your own company, because you secretly prefer to keep control yourself. With Wuunder, all logistics concerns are taken care of, but you are the director yourself. All you have to do is marvel at the ease of Wuunder and we'll do the rest. 

The first Wuunder wonder: book multiple packages to the same address with all carriers

In order to fulfill our promise of 'unburdening', we put words into action. From today you can easily book multiple shipments to the same address. This means that you can book multiple packages in one shipment with the carrier of your choice.
This makes separate booking of all packages in one shipment to the same recipient a thing of the past. You can book your total shipment at the touch of a button and we will ensure that it comes from A to B. These shipments can be booked via MyWuunder, API, the Google Chrome extension and via the plug-ins.

Besides that it offers many advantages for you, it also has an absolute added value for the recipient. As a result, the recipient only receives one e-mail with a link to the page where these shipments can be followed in a total overview. Sending and receiving shipments with multiple parcels has never been easier.

The second Wuunderwonder: Book faster

Wuunder knows better than anyone how much time a logistics process can take. After all, at least 40% of a company's activities stem from logistics processes. Because of this, we believe that we can offer a helping hand and contribute to make it easier for you. How do we do that? Because you can now book your shipments via My Wuunder faster because you can select multiple contacts from your address list. So you have booked all your shipments in one go, instead of having to recreate a shipment from every contact. We can't make it easier, but we can make it more efficient.

The third Wuunderwonder: a integration

From now on we have succeeded in making connections with the platform, so you can easily handle everything in our Wuunder platform and import your orders directly. In addition, the Wuunder plugins for can be easily combined with other webshop connections, making booking and processing orders even easier. Because why make it difficult if you can also do it with Wuunder? 
The integration has been extensively tested and thanks to your feedback we have been able to perfect it optimally. This tastes like more and we have also tackled Amazon and Ebay. Are you curious about how this process works and do you like to look at novelties with a critical eye? Then we are looking for you! Your feedback enables us to develop and optimize these integrations to perfection. We think that joining forces is the best there is. Will you Wuunder? Call us on 020-2615748 or send us an e-mail.

Last but not least: A Wuunder fact - Christmas packages from A to Z. 

The holidays are coming up again and that is often accompanied by enormous pressure within your company. Then it may happen that arranging the Christmas packages for your loyal employees is a waste of time. This in turn creates more stress and unnecessary worries. So we are only too happy to take on the role of Santa Claus. Wuunder can at the last moment send Christmas packages at a competitive price and we also provide all labels, regardless of the size of the Christmas package. To take it even further, we are also able to take the fullfilment on our shoulders. This means that in addition to shipping, we also take over all the worries about packaging Christmas packages. Then it is immediately arranged from A to Z. So you are completely unburdened and you can enter this pleasant December month with peace of mind. 

In short, we at Wuunder offer you a helping hand at the right time. In this way we take all your logistical worries off your hands. Totally carefree, completely carefree. Interested? Please contact us or request a quote.

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