Prepare yourself well
the hustle and bustle of the holidays

Delivery times during the holidays in 2021

PostNL, DHL, DHL Parcel, DPD, TNT / FedEx, GLS, UPS and Red je Pakketje

Carriers have been very busy lately due to Covid-19, and this will be no different with the holidays just around the corner. Wuunder expects huge crowds. You can read our predictions in the Parcel radar.

Message from the carriers? If you need more volume during the Christmas period, it is important to arrange this quickly. Also schedule your pick-ups on time. So pass this on to our as soon as possible customer service. They will arrange this for you.
Also let your customers know that they order the gifts on time, so that they are sure arrive on time.

Below you will find an overview of the opening and closing days of the most used carriers. Do you have a question or is a carrier you are shipping with not listed? Then contact our customer service.

For a complete overview of all European holidays for 2021, click here .

all info in a row

Below we list the planning during the 2021 holidays PostNLDHLDPDFedExTNTUPSUPS en Save your package and share some tips to make your shipments run smoothly during the holiday season.

Overview of the most chosen carriers

Extra information about the adjusted schedule

24 December: collection appointments with loading window expired after 21:30 & deliveries to sorting center with unloading window expired after 22:30 | 31 December: collection appointments with loading window expired after 18:30 pm & deliveries at sorting center with unloading window expired after 19:30 pm
December 5: delivery from 09:00 to 18:00 | December 24: no evening delivery and DHL Today, pick-up until 15:00 | December 31: no evening delivery and DHL Today, pick-up until 15:00.
December 24: delivery until 15:00 PM, pick-up until 14:00 PM | December 26: closed | December 31: delivery until 15:00 PM, pick-up until 14:00 PM.
December 24: no collection, but delivery | December 31: no collection, but delivery | January 2: No collection, no delivery.
December 24: no evening delivery, driver comes earlier for collection | December 27: no deliveries and no collections | December 31: no collection, but delivery.
December 24: limited service, normal deliveries, collections until 16:30 pm. Shipments must be ready by 15:00 at the latest | December 31: limited service, normal deliveries collections until 15:00 PM. Shipments must be ready by 13:30 at the latest.
December 24 & 31: collection times may differ due to changed working hours | For more information about delivery times, click on 'GLS NL & BE' on the left.
December 24: UPS Center closes at 15:00 PM, pick-up is scheduled until 13:30 PM, last pick-up time is 14:30 PM, delivery is possible until 15:00 PM | December 31st: Same adjusted delivery as December 24th.

Check, double check

Note: pick-up is not possible from most carriers on 24 and 31 December. If you need a pick-up on one of these days or even on several days, please let us know before December 20 via a e-mail.

Don't get packed

Do you panic after seeing the timetable? Not necessary at all! Our advice is to combine same day, next day or later shipments as much as possible. This way you can guarantee your different types of delivery options as well as possible. With Save your package, specialist in same day delivery, you can have your shipments delivered from € 10. If you really need to have a shipment delivered on a public holiday, you can always opt for a courier. So arranged, delivered!

Delay due to a public holiday?

On holidays shipments are not collected and not delivered by carriers.  This means that shipments are on the road a little longer than your customers are used to. To avoid disappointed customers, it is essential to inform your customers about this. Wuunder's proactive services are happy to help you with that. We track all your shipments for you and communicate with the carrier in case of delays and try to resolve them. We also call this service:  Carefree shipping for senders. Are there any issues during transport such as delays and address errors? Then we help you by proactively communicating with the recipient. We call this service Focus on your customers.

Focus on your customers

Carefree shipping

Tips & tricks

Sending your packages on time is extra important during this time. You don't want your customers to run out of gifts during the holidays. To achieve this, there are a number of points you can pay attention to. 

What else can you do yourself?

Type 1

Communicate clearly and on time to your customers when they can or cannot expect their package. In this way, they will not be faced with unpleasant surprises and incorrect expectations are not created.

Type 2

Are you leaving yourself? Or do you want your regular pick-up at a different time? Please take a moment contact us with us so that we can arrange this with the carriers.

Type 3

Are you closed on days when the carriers do work? And do you have regular pick-up moments planned? Let us know in advance. Then we can cancel it and it is not without reason that a carrier is at the door.