Wuunder expands to Germany

After the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, we are now also active in Germany

On January 12, 2016, exactly five years ago, co-founders Jeroen Gehlen and Bart Takkenkamp launched the scale-up Wuunder, a transport management service that supports companies in their shipping process. Wuunder will not only exist for five years in 2021, but now also enters the German market. Since its foundation in 2016, Wuunder is growing more than 400 percent per year. In 2019 this already led to an expansion to Belgium andLuxembourg. In 2021, Germany will now also be added.

International to make a difference locally

Bart Takkenkamp: “We are proud that we can take this step so quickly. With an international network we offer an even greater advantage to our customers. Our ambition is to enable suppliers and carriers from all over the world to work together and build on each other's success. The expansion to the German market is self-evident. Not only because Germany is a major transport country internally, but also because the Netherlands functions as an import and export country for Germany, among other things. In my view, it is more than logical that transport systems connect to each other. And Wuunder will take care of that.

Changes to the system

Since our platform is already multilingual, it didn't take many steps to make this international expansion possible. The most important move was to enter into new logistics partnerships in Germany. With well-known carriers, but also with pallet carriers and couriers. This is currently a major priority so that we can provide our customers with the best international shipping options. Just like in the Netherlands, Wuunder offers the possibility to take care of the entire fulfillment or the invoicing to carriers.

Exponential growth

Right from the start in 2016, Wuunder has grown explosively. The number of online shipments in 2020 reached record numbers. from Wuunders Package Radar it appeared that delivery times for shipments increased enormously in the last quarter of 2020. Carriers had to pull a lot of strings to process all shipments. It also became busier and busier with us.

Jeroen Gehlen: “We have been working on innovative solutions since 2016 to make our customers' shipping process as simple as possible. Partly because the number of online shipments has increased enormously over the years, and therefore especially at the end of 2020, we at Wuunder are working at a rapid pace on smart and new features within our platform. Consumers, for example, want more and more choice in delivery speed in the check-out. We achieve this with our wide range of local and international carriers. An expansion to Germany was a logical step, as our customers are getting an increasingly international shipping profile. ”

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