How does Wuunder help your company during these busy times?

Were the last months incredibly busy when it comes to transport? Absolutely! Transporters have been flooded by orders, and as a result many shipments are delayed. Wuunder's Customer Service department is also running at full capacity. We do everything we can to ensure that you and your customers can enjoy an optimal shipping experience. Do you want to know how Wuunder helps your company during these busy times? Read more! Do you have questions or need help with something? Please let us know.

No question is too crazy for us: we solve everything

When will my package arrive? Can the delivery day be earlier or later? Can I still change my address? All questions and comments that your customers have about the shipment will come to us. We immediately discuss the options with the carrier. Our Customer Service colleagues will contact the carrier for all the necessary information so that they can answer your question. You will receive this by mail or by telephone.

shipment late?

When we notice that the shipment does not arrive at the agreed time, our Customer Service colleagues immediately chase the carrier in question. We also report the delay directly to your customers. We always send an e-mail with the message that the shipment has been delayed. In addition, we also inform immediately about the new delivery date. As a sender, you no longer have to worry about this. Our Customer Service department can perform these tasks completely for you.

Sherlock Wuunder to the rescue

In addition to delays, Wuunder unfortunately also receives questions about damaged, broken or even missing and stolen shipments. Our investigators in the Customer Service department immediately start working to find out about the roots of the problem and solve the puzzle. As said before: 'no question is too crazy for us'. During this search we will keep both the sender and the receiver informed until everything is resolved.

We help you with returns and the prevention of them

If your sent package has been delivered to a parcel shop, the recipient will receive a message immediately. If he or she has not picked up this shipment after a few days, Wuunder sends the recipient a friendly reminder. This prevents the shipment from being returned. 

In addition to preventing returns, we also help you to book returns. We simplify this process, so that you, as the sender, determine how you want to receive the previously shipped shipment. This is possible through a parcel shop or through a collection at the location of your customer.


Do you choose Wuunder? Then this service is part of your new normal. Are you missing something that can make your shipping experience even more complete? Or is your phone always ringing off the hook with customer questions? Call or email us directly! Together we look for the best solution.

This service is free of charge when you ship on Wuunder's transport contracts. We charge a small fee for customers with their own transport contract. You will find all the details here .