Interview with AG Connect: the role of technology in logistics

Co-founder Jeroen Gehlen in conversation with AG Connect

In four years time Wuunder has grown to 40 employees. “That's tough. Everything hurts, and that's the nice thing. ” Technology played an important role in this. In the context of fast-growing companies, Jeroen was interviewed by AG Connect. 

“Europe is step one, the next step is the world. The more countries we have connected, the better our service will be. ”

Co-founders Jeroen Gehlen and Bart Takkenkamp already knew that technology plays an important role in logistics when Wuunder was founded in 2016. One of the reasons? The recipient wants to exercise more and more influence on transport. “Technology is an important component and traditional transporters struggle with that. They cannot respond to those changes as quickly with their global IT systems. We can do that. " The platform expanded from a chat application to a multi-service transport management platform. This was realized in the programming languages ​​Elixir and Phoenix. “Actually, IT is more or less the boss in the company,” says Jeroen.

Vacancy for Elixer / Phoenix developer

Are you a true Elixir and Phoenix expert? And do you want to work in an international and fast-growing company? Wuunder is looking for you! Get started developing the platform, together with 10 other colleagues. Knowing more? 

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