Send more, better and faster!

More carriers, better informed and book even faster. We have arranged this for you in recent weeks. Read on quickly and see for yourself.

Your customers get even more choice

Starting in your Magento 1 webshop

  • Do you let customers choose where they pick up their package?
  • Our Parcelshop locator now offers the possibility to choose from the nearest PostNL, DPD and DHL shops at home and abroad.
  • At the moment, the Parcelshop locator is already running in the Magento 1 shop.
  • But soon it will also be available in Magento 2 and WooCommerce.

Do you also want to offer your customers more choice? Let us know!

Yes, I want to use the Parcelshop locator
Sandd now also in packages
Besides letters, Sandd will now also collect and deliver packages. And not only overnight, but also same-day. Wuunder has already completed the connection and we are going to test it in the coming weeks, so that from 1 June 2018 all our customers can use Sandd. Do you want to test with us now? Let us know.

Easier to follow pallets

From now on it is even easier to track your pallets in the app, web browser or MyWuunder. We have set up the Wuunder platform in such a way that we can immediately show you the latest available information from the carriers. Very handy that all your packages, documents and pallets are in one overview. We can also have your pallets delivered all over the world, which is logical, but did you know that we can also collect your pallets from anywhere?

I want to send / have a pallet picked up

Ideas? Let me know
Every day we look at what we can do to make it even better for you. What are your ideas? What would really complete your Wuunder experience? We love to hear it. You can always call us on 020-261 5748. Or send one e-mail.