Save minutes per order and book effortlessly (part 1)

Booking orders a time-consuming task? You don't have to! In a earlier article we already wrote that a correct link is the beginning for the automation of the shipping process. The next step is booking your shipments effortlessly. Read in this article how Wuunder's shipping services help you with that.

Book orders in bulk from your dashboard

No need to book each shipment separately! Wuunder has been developed in such a way that you can book multiple orders at the same time. We call it bulk books. Check all the orders you need, press 'book selection' and the rest will go by itself. Set a one-time standard transport service that you prefer and all orders are automatically booked with this service from now on. Prefer not to always use the same service? Also possible! 

Keep customers with flexible delivery options

Once customers have had a positive shipping experience with you, chances are they will shop with you again for a new purchase. But how can you ensure that? An important first step is a diverse range of delivery options for your customers. This is also a convenient way to position your company as a flexible and reliable party. Show the different options in the check-out or ensure that your customers can indicate their preference in a different way. 

Automate the booking process from A to Z.

When working with multiple carriers or transport services, keeping an overview may feel like a challenge. Would you like to keep control and do you not want to manually enter all package data? Then import and shipping rules offer the solution. By setting up pre-rules yourself, you automate the entire process from importing to booking orders, but as a sender you remain in control. This way you have control over which type of shipments are sent with which carrier and with which transport service.

Import rules

Import rules allow you to process orders based on specific characteristics such as weight, value or country of destination. This is especially useful if you let customers choose the delivery option in the checkout of your webshop. For example, you ensure that shipments above a certain value are automatically insured. 

Shipping rules

With the help of shipping rules, you can book shipments with specific characteristics immediately with the right transport service. Think of length, width, height. Another handy setting is that you automatically receive the same number of shipping labels when ordering from multiple packages.

Leave the thinking to us

Prefer not to think about the best shipping options or drawing up rules at all? Check! Then let Wuunder make the pre-selection for you. Based on unique shipment data, Wuunder's shipping software automatically selects the most suitable carrier. You get a standard choice of three shipping services: cheap, efficient and fast. It is up to you which service it will be. If the selection is not to your liking, we will keep looking until we have found the perfect solution. This way you really don't have to think about anything anymore.

Special transport questions

Sea freight, air freight or container freight? You can also come to us for more complicated shipments of this kind. Our experts always have a (tailor-made) solution for you. Do you want to know how best to ship your sea, air or container freight? Please contact one of the our specialists.   

Want to know more?

In short: by combining existing transport solutions, we offer our customers the freedom and flexibility to choose the most suitable carrier. Would you like more information about booking effortlessly? read it here .

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