Save minutes per order and book effortlessly: the extras (part 2)

We published last week the first part from the series Effortless books. Here we mainly highlighted the different ways of booking a shipment. In this article, we take a closer look at the various additional options that make booking orders even easier.

Fewer errors through automatic address checks

When completing every order, entering address details is often a mandatory part. When this has to be entered manually, making mistakes lurks. The consequence? The shipment returns because the delivery address is incorrect. Wuunder helps you prevent this. Our software works in such a way that a shipment can only be booked once all the details are correct. We do this by checking all order and contact details in advance. Are we detecting an error? Then you will be notified immediately and we will give suggestions if possible. 

Easily book multiple shipments to the same address

Do you regularly send shipments consisting of multiple packages? Then this may affect the efficiency in your company. It secretly takes a lot of time if your employees have to book all packaging separately. Wuunder's multi-collie method can give this process a big boost. This allows you to book all shipments you need in one go to the same address. Record this rule once via the import rules and start saving time immediately.

Let us arrange the pick-ups of your shipments for you

A structured and smooth-running shipping process not only gives peace of mind, but also confidence in your company. Wuunder's shipping software automatically generates the correct shipping label for every booked shipment. But we can go just that little bit further. How? By arranging a collection for all booked shipments. So you only have to print the labels yourself and arrange them on the right packaging.

Always up-to-date according to the latest status from your dashboard

From the moment the shipments leave your company, we keep an eye on the transport for you. We contact the carrier and receiver for issues. Do you find it difficult to completely relinquish control? Understandable! Wuunder's shipping software gives you the latest status updates in your own dashboard.

Prevent an overload of e-mails to your customer

A crowded mailbox can cause complete chaos. In addition, there is also the chance that emails are overlooked. When an order consisting of multiple packages is delivered, an abundance of e-mails often results. If this is the case, our software produces one clear email with the tracking information of all individual packages. This not only increases convenience for the customer, but also contributes to a positive shipping experience.

Need advice?

Want to know more about effortless booking? read it here.. Do you want to take the efficiency in your shipping process to a higher level? Take it easy contact us and ask for tailor-made advice.

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