The four check-out tips for your shop that you should not miss

Optimize your checkout and always offer your customers the best choices during checkout

Shipping plays a crucial role in the success and growth of your shop. Good shipping experiences stimulate brand loyalty and consumer confidence and can weigh just as much as the products it offers. Research shows that 58% of online shoppers never make repeat purchases after a bad shipping experience, with 77% immediately stop shopping when they see poor shipping options. All the more reason to take a good look at your check-out. Follow these 4 checkout tips to optimize and generate more sales, guaranteed!

Check out tip 1

Combine carriers and delivery options from more than 20 international and national carriers such as DPD, DHL Parcel, UPS, PostNL, GLS and Sameday and always offer your customers the best choices during checkout.

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Simply activate a Parcelshop Locator in your check-out and let your European customers determine their desired collection point for their package. This allows you to manage the expectation and increase the delivery chance to 100%.

Check out tip 3

Shipping costs remain a hot item in the e-commerce world. An American study shows that many consumers drop out if they have to pay unexpectedly high shipping costs. Communicate the shipping costs in time and ensure that they are in proportion to the price of the product. This prevents unpleasant surprises and can also provide that extra purchase.

Check out tip 4

Communicate the return policy clearly in your shop and encourage repeat purchases. If your customer is dissatisfied with the purchase, it is nice if they can easily return it. Research shows that 67% of online shoppers first review the return policy before deciding to purchase, with 92% willing to make a repeat purchase with an easy return policy. All the more reason to ease your return process.

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