How will logistics recover when Corona is over?

Cautious look into the future ...

Although the future is uncertain and unclear, we can of course already peek at how the recovery of the logistics chains in other countries is going. It is also good to look at the opportunities and lessons that we can learn from this period. 'Never waste a good crisis. ' How can we best prepare for the near future? And what do we see happening in other countries that are now recovering?

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The reconstruction in China

China is slowly trying to resume the normal routine of the day, and secretly that is going quite well! This is shown by an investigation by the (among others) logistics consultancy Buck Consultants International among 200 manufacturing, e-commerce and logistics service providers. Here it emerges that two-thirds of companies are already performing at 80% of their capacity, with nearly 60% of companies even indicating that han logistics upstream is already in full swing. 

For many of the Chinese companies surveyed, the crisis was a good reason and opportunity to take a good look at their supply chain. This had to be stronger, more data-driven and, above all, less dependent. Digitizing the supply chain is by far the highest priority of the respondents. According to Patrick Haex, managing partner of BCI, it is therefore important to bring all the different data together in one data-driven 'control tower'. This person should have an overview of all incoming shipments, outgoing orders and be able to monitor the corresponding delivery dates for both. By working with this data, 'proactive action can be taken', says Heax. The need for this control tower seems great.

Data, data and even more data

A logical consequence of the data-driven way of working is the possibility to make adjustments to the visible data. The dependence on logistics partners has also proved to be a bottleneck for companies in China. By spreading shipments across various parts of the supply chain with different carriers, the risk can be spread over several factors. The data from the control tower should then show which choices perform better, but also which developments or experiences can be anticipated in the future. This data-driven way of working makes it possible to make better and smarter choices in the event of a subsequent crisis.



Wuunder can help

This research also showed that 90% of the companies surveyed want to reduce risks in their logistics processes. That is exactly what we have been working hard on recently. In this way we try to be the control tower that BCI is talking about.  Wuunder proactively tracks all your shipments and we keep a close eye on every shipment from collection to delivery. When something goes wrong somewhere in the shipping process such as delays, an address incorrectly filled in by the recipient or when a shipment has not been collected, we will immediately contact the carrier to resolve this. That these Control Tower service normally only given by carriers to very large companies such as Apple or Coca Cola, proves how special it is. For recipients it is the ultimate service that we speak of "Warmly received".

This service is available free of charge when you use Wuunder's convenient transport contracts. Of course it is also possible to activate this service on your own transport contract.

Do you notice that it is high time for your company to improve that supply chain and the associated logistics process? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We would like to discover, together with you, how we can best help you.