The shipping experience can make or break your business

Positive shipper experiences drive brand loyalty and trust

In 2018, consumers worldwide spent nearly $ 3 trillion on online shopping. As a result, the share of online in total retail has increased by more than 15%. This may not seem immediately shocking, but the number of online sales is growing every year. In the Netherlands, online purchases have been growing steadily for several years in a row by about 10% compared to the previous year. The forecast for 2019 is therefore an increase of more than 8%. In the world in which we are flooded with competition, this puts considerable pressure on both carriers and webshops. Both must continue to innovate to meet rising consumer demand and demand. SameDay delivery, arranging delivery times yourself or selecting and picking up your package at a nearby service point are the new standard and this shipping experience can make or break your business.

The consumer expectations are increasing

Competition in the world of e-commerce is booming. By big players like The AmazonBol.comeBay en Zalando who stunt with the phenomenon 'ordered today, delivered tomorrow' and consumers themselves now increasingly expect delivery times. When they go shopping online with someone else and have to wait an extra day for their purchase or have no influence on the delivery times, this is experienced as negative and associated with poor shipping options. Consumers want to receive their package when they are at home and require carriers to adapt to their agenda. This appears to be a complicated task for both carriers and webshops. However, the shipping options play a crucial role in consumer satisfaction and the growth of your webshop, making it important to offer your customer multiple choices during checkout.

Shocking percentages

The numbers don't lie. A recent international survey by BigCommerce surveyed 3000 online shoppers and 800 sellers. This has shown that a shocking 77% stop shopping when not enough shipping options are offered, 58% of which never return for an online purchase after a poor shipper experience. These are of course alarming percentages for both small and large web shops. Especially if 47% of sellers are unaware of their cart abandonment rate, let alone when it's caused by poor shipping options.

The moment of realization

It is high time for online retailers to realize that offering different delivery options contributes greatly to the distinctive character of their shop. All the more reason to take a good look at the check-out of your shop and go along with it, so that as an online retailer you can claim your added value. By adding multiple carriers with flexible time deliveries to your checkout, you respond to consumer needs and give your customers a unique and very pleasant experience.

Upgrade your shop

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