Why combining carriers is so convenient

The use of one carrier in the checkout of your webshop can create so-called 'sales thresholds' for your customers. The online playing field is expanding rapidly. The consequence? The consumer sees multiple and flexible delivery options such as SameDay, NextDay, environmentally friendly or collection point deliveries to the new standard. Discover in this article all the benefits why it combining carriers is so handy. 

Optimize shipping process

Optimizing business processes is an aim for every entrepreneur. Transport and logistics are one of the most important parts of this. Especially when it comes to webshops, wholesalers or production companies that deliver directly to companies and consumers. By optimizing processes and adapting them to the wishes of your customer, you generate more sales. In other words, by offering your customers multiple delivery options, you boost sales. By combining multiple carriers, you benefit from the expertise of each carrier. Consider, for example, 'ordered today, delivered tomorrow', delivered to a parcel shop or evening delivery. This way you create higher delivery reliability. This also makes it possible to meet every wish of the consumer.

Risk spreading

E-commerce today has brought a new level of customer expectations. The customer wants to choose where, when and how he receives his package. Flexibility is key in this. Connecting only one carrier to your shipping process entails the necessary risks. Carriers can get into trouble for any reason, which may make them unable to deliver on their promise. With all the necessary consequences, both process and financial. An Express or SameDay carrier has a higher quality, but does not always have to cost more. Using multiple carriers that the recipient can choose themselves makes you less vulnerable. Do you use Wuunder? Then you can switch between different carriers with one click.

cost saving

Every carrier has a specific product portfolio. If you have a choice of several carriers, you can choose a product portfolio that best suits your company. For example, with certain carriers you do not have extra surcharges if the dimensions of your package are different or you want to insure shipments. This saves you unnecessary costs. Combining various carriers allows you as an online retailer to find a perfect shipping match for every shipment. 

Want to know more?

Do the above advantages sound like music to your ears? That can help Wuunder! Activate your account and get instant access to over 300 carriers and 10.000 different delivery options. You will find all the details about combining carriers here . Do you have any questions? Take it easy contact us. Then we will search for a tailor-made solution together.