Work safely and healthily in times of crisis

new guidelines for logistics and transport: what does this mean for you?

There is one by FNV, TLN, Evofenedex and CNV, among others directive drawn up for the transport and logistics sector, which is fully focused on 'maximum control' of the virus in order to be able to work as protected as possible. This of course has consequences for carriers, fulfillment parties and their customers, but also for the users of Wuunder. In this article, we briefly summarize the protocol for you and we also clearly map out the consequences for all involved. This so that everyone can anticipate this and hopefully nobody will be faced with crazy surprises or uncomfortable situations.  

As much as we would like to deny it, the outbreak of the virus affects us all and has profound implications for our daily work. That is why we hope for mutual understanding of all involved. Ultimately, we only want one thing: to get out of this crisis together as well as possible.

Why bother if it can be done via Wuunder?

THE GUIDELINES for Transport and Logistics in a nutshell

Logistics companies are advised to review their planning. For example, the protocol prescribes that other walking routes must be plotted to reduce the chance that colleagues will encounter each other in a sorting center, depot or warehouse. The coordination of incoming and outgoing loads must also be adjusted, which can affect delivery times. The consequence of this is that deliveries or pick-ups come later or earlier than normal, or even perhaps at a different time every day. Very annoying, but on the other hand makes sense. Do you have deliveries that need to be somewhere at a specific time? Then we recommend that these 'urgent' orders be transported by our connected couriers. Of course we are happy to help you with that. 

It is also recommended to appoint someone within the logistics companies as coordinator of the crisis. The person in question must keep up to date with the latest updates and communicate this with the staff. In addition, this person also becomes the point of contact for employees when customers or other parties do not comply with the regulations. So make sure you don't get into trouble with that coordinator and stick to the rules. It's all bad enough. In addition to all the regulations that transporters must adhere to, it may of course also be the case that you have compiled a protocol yourself for how you arrange things within your company. We cannot say often enough how important it is to communicate this information. Could you use some help with this? No problem, just let us know. We are happy to facilitate the conversation between the favorite carrier and your own protocol.  

Convenient checklist

In addition to the Corona protocol, the sector institute Transport and Logistics has made a handy overview with advice for the workplace and during work. For example, you can read more about the 1,5 meter rule and how you can apply this to your business processes in transport and logistics.


You will not be surprised, but guidelines have also been drawn up for drivers that they must adhere to. It is not shocking, but it seems good to us to name them anyway. Drivers are asked to use as much of their own material as possible. Where previously they could always use your pen, or vice versa, they are no longer able to. You will also regularly be asked if they can draw a doodle for you, so that the papers and other materials such as a hand scanner do not have to be exchanged. Discuss this well with the drivers and check whether a scribble is actually made once you have given permission for this. This prevents you from unsolicited agreement to a broken delivery or other inaccuracies. The latter is even more important, always check the delivery for damage before the driver leaves. Are you forced to use the same materials? Make sure that you always have enough disinfection, cleaning material or other forms of disinfection (such as 70% alcohol) nearby.

Of course you can still offer a cup of coffee to the driver! A small side note: if the RIVM measures one and a half meters cannot be implemented in the room where the driver has to wait, he is forced to move outside or in his cabin. But let's be honest, the coffee tastes just as good there! In addition, it is strongly recommended to exchange mobile numbers, so that you can easily call each other and ask questions where necessary. Finally, make your toilet available to the driver and disinfect and clean your toilet more often and more intensively than usual. Not only will the driver be grateful to you, but you will also be helping in this way against a further spread of the virus. 

communication is key

If we can give you one golden advice, this is to always keep communicating well. Has something changed in your company? Then report that to us. Manage the expectations of the other parties and be open and honest about situations that you do not feel comfortable with. Our opinion? We think you can count on mutual understanding in these bizarre times. Of course we would like to help you with this communication. So do you have any questions or could you use some extra help? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are always there for you.