Wuunder is looking for 1000 local courier heroes

The holidays are getting closer, which means that the whole of the Netherlands is busy with the preparations. Due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many people have little time to go on a bargain hunt, so online shops offer the solution. Laptop open, online shopping and often there is a carrier at the door with all orders the same day, evening or the next day. For many small companies such as web shop owners, the phenomenon of 'ordered before noon today, delivered tomorrow' is difficult to realize. By searching for local courier heroes, Wuunder wants to join forces to offer the same service as large E-commerce companies. Because why make things difficult when you can do it together?

That is why Wuunder is looking for 1000 local courier heroes, who use bicycles, bicycles, cars, trucks and trucks for the first and last kilometers, so that they can provide the optimal service to their customers. This by connecting sender, local courier, national and international carriers and receiver in 1 platform. As a result, companies once again receive genuine personal service when collecting and delivering shipments. This is due to clear agreements, flexibility and short lines between driver and sender. It is also completely unburdened, because the courier takes all shipments from the different carriers at once and also pick up and delivery on the same day by combining the courier with the carrier at an attractive rate.

In addition, the courier locations can be used as a mini-hub, so shipments can be delivered to businesses and consumers super fast. That is why Wuunder does not work with freelancers and sole proprietorships.

Local courier heroes

Because senders are becoming increasingly demanding in the field of IT, many local (bicycle) car couriers can no longer meet the customer's wishes. This is also because these local heroes often don't have an IT budget to build a platform, which hinders further growth. Working together in the transport chain often proves difficult, but this is not impossible. Wuunder helps the larger carriers to collect all their shipments at once, allowing these carriers to work more efficiently. Because the local heroes collect and deliver all shipments from multiple carriers at once, the number of transport kilometers is reduced. This is good for our living environment.

Wuunder offers the solution: an independent IT platform, which is user-friendly for local heroes and customers and combines the strengths of all carriers and couriers into an excellent service and the corresponding possibilities. Because why bother if it can be done via Wuunder?



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