Wuunder launches City Fulfillment Centers

Local warehouses to fulfill online orders within 1 to 4 hours
to bring the buyer

City Fulfilment Centres are cutting steps out of the supply chain in order to avoid transport delays and therefore realise a green delivery.

The City Fulfilment Centres are local warehouses which will bring stock close to the buyer. This means several steps from the supply chain can be skipped and allows for retailers to deliver their orders without delay. The buyer will therefore benefit from a reliable and fast service: orders can be delivered within 1 to 4 hours. Wuunder is the first party in the Netherlands to work with this parcel delivery method.

Wuunder is the first party in the Netherlands to work with this method of parcel delivery.

No package madness in December as a result of the City Fulfilment Centres

The City Fulfilment Centres allow for warehouse stock to be placed locally and therefore near the final recipient. This means packages won’t need to pass through various sorting centres, for example, but are instead delivered by climate-friendly, local delivery services, like bicycle couriers. This way of working allows retailers to provide a better guarantee for the buyer receiving the products on time. This certainly also applies during the incredibly busy festive period. Retailers who decide to store their stock in City Fulfilment Centres don’t need to worry about the December package madness.

Jeroen Gehlen, co-founder of Wuunder: “The amount of packages to be delivered throughout last year’s festive period was higher than ever before as a result of the corona crisis. We will certainly be expecting a similar peak of online orders for the upcoming festive season too. Our customers have asked us to come up with a logistical solution to this problem. We therefore decided to test this concept with existing customers. From now on it’s also possible for new parties to start using the City Fulfilment Centres, thereby allowing buyers to benefit from reliable and fast deliveries. Both in December, as well as during the rest of the year.”

Algorithms determine the stock location

The stock in the local warehouses is determined by an algorithm developed by Wuunder, which indicates which product is popular in which specific area. Retailers are therefore transferring the responsibility for determining the stock location to Wuunder, which allows for the stock to be optimally distributed. Delivery times and rates can be dynamically displayed via a direct link between the shopping basket in the webshop checkout and the local stock. Traditional parcel carriers will be used if a buyer is located outside of the City Fulfilment Centres area. This means it’s possible to serve customers from anywhere in the world.

Products for which you would jump on your bike to collect them yourself

The products supplied via the City Fulfilment Centres are the type of products which people want to have as soon as possible, or which are possibly needed during a repair. Examples include mobile phones, daily offers, tool rentals and spare parts. Urgent products where high delivery reliability is required and where a retailer can’t afford any delays.  

Dark stores: no hype

The search for solutions for an environmentally friendly implementation of the first and last mile isn't a new concept. From day one, it was Wuunder's goal to enthuse as many parties as possible to participate in this solution. The goal for the coming months? Connecting even more (bicycle) couriers and local warehouses in various city centers to continue to meet the growing demand for dark stores.

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