Wuunder makes handy even more convenient

At Wuunder we have again worked very hard on updates to make Wuunder work even harder for you. We can't wait to share them with you. Read along - and try them out soon!

Wuunder is now even more complete


Because convenient can always be more convenient, we think:

  • You can now also send your packages with GLS.
  • Our new algorithm selects the cheapest, most efficient and fastest options for you even faster.
  • More convenience and service: You can now see canceled shipments in your dashboard.
  • We indicate even better what we are doing: “Wuunder solves the issue” and “Wuunder is handling the claim” are now also visible in your dashboard.
  • Returns can be arranged at the touch of a button. At DPD you as a customer will automatically receive a return certificate.
  • We do our best not to let this happen. But does your booking get stuck? Then press the call-me-back button.

Curious about the new options? Then immediately book your next shipment.

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DPD Express? check

We are expanding the number of carriers and services every month. That is why DPD Express is now also in our selection. They deliver all your parcels quickly at home or abroad: before 10.00:12.00, before 18.00:XNUMX or guaranteed before XNUMX:XNUMX. This is possible for most European destinations, at an attractive rate. Do you want to be able to directly choose the DPD Express? Then send us an e-mail.

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Your shipping plug-in works efficiently with your shop

We have a handy method for many webshops and various CRM tools to quickly do business with 23 carriers. Even more convenience? Then go for your own dashboard with the current status and other useful extras in MyWuunder.

Do you use Magento 1 and do you want to offer your customers more service?
Then you will want to test our new parcel shop locator. This allows your customers to choose the nearest parcel shop in the check-out, where they want to pick up their shipment.

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Ideas? Let me know

Every day we look at what we can do to make it even better for you. What are your ideas? What would really complete your Wuunder experience? We love to hear it. You can always call us on 020-261 5748. Or send one e-mail.
Or look for more information or answers on the FAQ.