With Wuunder, all your resolutions for 2020 will be a success

We wish everyone a fantastic, relaxed and Wuunderful New Year!

Many people see a new year as the perfect time to drastically change course. As soon as the clock strikes 31:00 on 00 December, the Netherlands will start massively in good spirits with an improved version of itself. Bad habits are broken and make way for the well-known 'good intentions'. Nevertheless, the biggest challenge appears to be to stick to these intentions. Did you know that on January 12 most people already throw out their made intentions out the window? This day has been labeled by scientists as the 'Sjaak Afhaak-day' when people fall back en masse in their bad habits of the old year. Until now! We believe that we can play an important role in maintaining your good intentions and achieving both your personal and business goals. Curious how? Then read on!

The most common resolutions for 2020

The idea 'I'm going to do things differently this year' becomes reality with Wuunder. Whatever your intentions, we are guaranteed to help you achieve them with flying colors. To make it as easy as possible for you, we have listed the most common and most popular four resolutions of 2020.

Intention 1: more time for ...

Sports, family, friends, hobbies or other fun things? Check! We are happy to help you make this resolution a success. With Wuunder, saving time is really a piece of cake. By automating the booking and printing of shipping labels you already save minutes per order, but the biggest time savings are mainly in the fact that you never have to track your shipments again. We take over this process completely from you. Say goodbye to annoying music on hold by carriers in 2020. Our proactive customer service follows all your shipments closely and, in the event of emerging problems, immediately contacts your business, the recipient and the carrier to resolve this for you. This allows you to give all your documents, packages and pallets to the delivery person without worries and you are guaranteed to have more time to invest in your health or in friends or family: things that really matter!

Intention 2: save money ...

Saving money, who wouldn't want that. By sending all your orders with the best carrier match, you will of course save a lot of money on every shipment. Do you have a contract with a carrier yourself and do you want to continue working with that party? Then simply upload your own contract. When you use our advantageous contracts you can just build up a lot of discount. The more packages you send, the higher your discount. This can secretly add up to significant cost savings. What are you waiting for? Start today send smarter via Wuunder and check off this good intention first.

Intention 3: learn something new ...

Do you want to learn something new this year? Then we have good news! By using our test environment you immediately learn how easy our shipping platform works and you can consciously choose to do less for more results. This way you have completed your new intention in no time! Ask here a test environment without any obligation and experience the convenience yourself!

Intention 4: own less stuff ...

You hear it more often, more 'stuff out the door' or 'own less stuff' as good intention. We are happy to help you with that too! Outsource all direct logistics activities in your business to us and definitively end the picking, packing and printing of shipping labels. This allows you to throw stuff from your inventory all year round (and of course supplement again) and thus pursue the intention of 'less possession' throughout 2020.

We wish you ... A package full of growth, success and satisfied customers

Without any fuss, we hope you have had great shipping stress-free holidays and wish you a wuunderful 2020! Start the year completely relaxed and take a moment to recover from the busiest time of the year! We are happy to provide you with a package full of growth opportunities and successes for your business and hope that the year 2020 will yield a mountain of new, existing and above all satisfied customers.