Parcel Radar 2022

Gain insight into delivery times and delays during the busiest time of the year

November and December are the busiest months of the year in the parcel country. With Wuunders Package Radar you can see per province what the delays are per week from November 1 to December 24, 2022.

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Insight into current delays and forecasts

With Wuunders Package Radar you not only stay informed of the current delays, but you also receive forecasts for the coming week. This way you can anticipate the crowds and continue to provide the best service to your customers.

Our customers can also gain insight into what the delays look like for their own shipments. In a personal dashboard they have access to their own Parcel Radar that only displays the data of the packets they have sent. Here we can follow what is happening on a mission level.

The Parcel Radar 2022 is complete!

From week 44 to week 51, we monitored the delays in the Netherlands. The last Parcel Radar was sent on Tuesday 27 December. You can see the video of it below.

How it works

In the Parcel Radar we show the delay of parcels per province: from the darkest green which stands for 0 percent delay to black which stands for more than 30 percent delay.

We see something as delay when a package is not delivered on the intended delivery date. Exceptions, such as delivery to the Wadden Islands are not included. Parcelshop pick-ups or deliveries and problems related to the sender or receiver are also not taken into account when calculating the delays.

The figures are based on shipments from the largest carriers in the Netherlands. The following carriers are included in this:

Carriers: PostNL


Carriers: DHL

DHL eCommerce

Carriers: DPD


Carriers: GLS