Claims & Credits

Let us make the claim process easy for you

Save time, money and frustration when recovering, submitting and handling damaged or lost shipments. Use our proactive claim service and let yourself be completely unburdened in your claim process. We will immediately start preparing the claim for treatment so that it is accepted by the carrier and will continue to send reminders until we have a definite answer. From collecting the necessary information from the recipient (photos or non-receipt), filling in the entire paper shop to drawing up an official invoice. 

Why make things difficult when Wuunder can make it easier?
Always an extra eye on things

Payment of the damage

Automatically claim your damage from the carrier when you use our transport contracts. As soon as we hear through the recipient, carrier or from you that a shipment is damaged, we immediately request a credit. The amount of the compensation is determined depending on the chosen transport service. This can vary in terms of a payment of only a kilo prize, a maximum amount or, unfortunately, the claim is sometimes not granted. If you work with your own transport contracts, we can submit a claim to the carrier on your behalf. 

When a carrier or transport service does not keep what it promises, this often leads to incorrect return and return costs. This can be for various reasons, such as time-critical deliveries, improperly performed transport services or shipments that go straight back to the parcel shop when the recipient is not at home. When you use our transport contracts, we automatically request the costs back from the carrier used.

Claiming bad service

Always a correct invoice

Save time and outsource the entire billing to our experts. Invoice any services you offer to your customer via Wuunder automatically or semi-automatically, you determine the conditions. Choose our automatic billing service if you want all invoiced transport services to be forwarded directly to your customer and you only want to receive the commission. Use our semi-automatic service and receive an invoice from every transport that you use to create the invoice for your customer. 


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