custom solutions


Save time on the most intensive process of your business: shipping. After linking your self-built webshop or ERP system, for example you import all your orders fully automatically and en select your favorite carriers and delivery options. In addition, we also automate the pick & pack process in your warehouse and the printing of shipping labels via our smart shipping softwareWuunder has two different APIs with which you can book all transport services including returns and pickups. 

When you use our proactive customer service, we track all your shipments closely and we immediately work on resolving issues. So you really don't have to do anything yourself!

connect AN API in 'no time'

Connect your Webshop or e-Commerce system to the Wuunder API. You can book directly or you can book concept orders. You can also use the API to create return labels that your customer can take to a parcel shop. Of course you can also send a return label to your customer and have the shipment collected.

 You can find out how to connect via an API in our manual. Follow the practical steps and start immediately with more efficient shipping.

Maximum time savings

Fully automated booking

With these custom solutions you fully automate the booking of transport services with a carrier. Via the API you will receive a link to the shipping label, the track & trace url and the name of the carrier. If there are any errors during the booking, we will also return them. For example if you try to book a service that is not possible or if the address details are incorrect.

Concept shipments API

This allows you to create concept shipments in MyWuunder. You can send the desired transport service in the request or choose it later in MyWuunder. Any error messages are shown in MyWuunder. After you have booked, we will send a link to the shipping label, the track & trace url and the name of the carrier.

Decide with whom and how you want to send the shipment

Via the API request you can choose the cheapest, most efficient or fastest service. You can also choose the cheapest, most efficient or fastest service from a specific carrier. If you know exactly which service you want to choose, you can also send a specific service from a carrier. In short, everything is possible.

Action for delayed shipments
Save your package

Pick up without any hassle

When booking, we check whether a fixed pick-up appointment applies to the pick-up address. If this appointment is not available, we immediately book a collection so that the shipment is picked up. Of course you can also choose to take the shipment to a parcel shop yourself or your customer

Programmer behind computer

You ask, we make a custom custom solution

We can help you link your API or we can make the link all the way for you. For example, we can make API connections or take orders from an FTP server, import automatically via e-mail, etc. etc. Ask about the possibilities.

Activate your account within minutes and immediately start shipping smarter.