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Get to know Wuunder's unique personal service: we proactively monitor your shipments. Within this service we closely monitor each shipment from collection to delivery. When something goes wrong somewhere in the shipping process, such as delays, an incorrect address entered by the recipient or when a shipment has not been picked up, we will immediately contact the carrier to resolve this. The fact that this control tower service is normally only provided by carriers to very large companies such as Apple or Coca Cola, proves how special it is. 

This service is included free of charge when you use Wuunder's advantageous transport contracts. Of course it is also possible to activate this service on your own transport contract.


Sending orders is a time-consuming process. Not only preparing the shipment, but also monitoring the transport is an intensive job. Of course, the last thing you want is for customers to call you angry because they still haven't received a shipment. And let's be honest: you too can probably spend your time better than calling the carriers, because you have a question about the status of a shipment.


We are here for everyone. All the time. Everywhere.

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We help the sender

Say goodbye to calling and emailing carriers to find out problems in transit. Once the shipping label has been printed, we take over completely from you. We closely monitor all your shipments and take proactive action during the entire transport. This not only saves you time and money, but also a lot of unnecessary frustration.


Below you will find a brief overview of services that we take care of completely for the sender. 

We help the recipient

We prevent the recipient from calling and emailing you with questions about their shipments. On behalf of your company, we keep your customers fully informed about any potential issues with their orders and help them receive or return each shipment. This not only saves you time, but also increases the chance that customers will continue to order from you.


Below you will find a brief overview of services that we take care of for the recipient.

We help the warehouse or your dropshipping location

When you use a warehouse or a dropshipping location as a shipper, we communicate directly to that location about the (dropshipment) shipments that need to be picked up. As a result, we ensure that the lines become a lot shorter and your employees in your warehouse or dropshipping location can work more efficiently.


Below you will find a brief overview of services that we take care of for your warehouse or drop shipping party.

We help the carriers

We also take a lot of work off the hands of our affiliated carriers. We not only take over the communication towards both the sender and the recipient, but also only allow problems to escalate if this is really necessary. As a result, we help carriers save time through countless phone calls with the question 'where is the shipment' to take over.


Below you will find a brief overview of services that we take care of for the carriers.

Track shipments

Track your shipments easily & conveniently

Increase control in the transport process and track your shipments the way you want. You can monitor all shipments via various carriers from MyWuunder, your own trusted webshop work environment or via the API.

Activate your account within minutes and immediately start shipping smarter.