Efficient order picking

Efficient order picking

Automate your warehouse process and ship faster

Save time, money and frustration on the most important processes within your warehouse. Connect your system, create an optimal working method and start with efficient order picking, packaging and printing of your shipping labels. We also offer convenient mailing lists for transferring shipments to the driver, which you can print out at the touch of a button. This service gives you time and room to focus on the growth of your business.

Efficient order picking and packaging

Efficient order picking and packaging

Make your work environment less hectic and automate order picking and packing in your warehouse. Activate our solutions for efficient order picking, process your orders without effort and get direct insight into the progress of your shipments from your own trusted dashboard. This allows you to see at a glance what is happening in your warehouse. Applicable in multiple warehouses, fulfillment parties and drop-shipping locations. The possibilities are endless.

Automate your warehouse process.
Let one of our experts advise you!

Always in control of your warehouse process

Reduce the error rate in your warehouse and automate order picking with smart packing slips with a barcode on them. On the packing slip you will find all necessary information such as reference, description and number of items, shipment number and delivery address. You determine the working method for the order collection, print the packing slip from your email or process it effortlessly from your Ipad or mobile. 

Print shipping labels smarter and faster

Scan packing slip, print label

Let your company ship smarter and print shipping labels in the most efficient way. Activate our scan-and-print method, scan the barcode on the packing slip and the correct labels will automatically come out of the label or ZPL printer selected by you. Use our specially developed one-click printing method for your Windows or Mac PC and print shipping labels with one click from your own dashboard.

Process and print your labels in a transparent way

Print shipping labels effortlessly from the MyWuunder dashboard and we automatically generate a shipping label, even if the carrier does not know any shipping labels. Ideal for shipments that are picked up at your location or shipments that your own delivery service delivers. Pick up at a different location? Then we simply send the label by e-mail to this location.

Extra control with smart transfer lists

Take matters into your own hands and avoid problems when handing over to the carrier. Use our detailed transfer lists by carrier and location. This immediately ensures a double check whether the order picking has been carried out 100% correctly. Hand over your shipments to the deliverer without worry by having the list signed by the carrier upon transfer. This way you always have proof that the shipments have been given to the driver.

Transfer list

Always maintain control over your shipping process and gain real-time insight into the print status of your labels. Immediately figure out whether the required label has already been printed by someone from your team, your supplier or your customer from your own dashboard.

Closely monitor your shipment status

office work

Outsource all logistics activities

Concentrate on the growth of your company and let us efficiently manage the entire storage and fulfillment of your shipments. This service can be used on a project basis, at peak times or permanently, just the way you want.

Activate your account within minutes and immediately start shipping smarter.