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In collaboration with local (bicycle) couriers, Wuunder collects shipments and delivers them to a drop-off point within a few kilometres. There the larger carriers pick up the shipments again. In order to guarantee a seamless connection, we are looking for new drop-off points: easily accessible locations where couriers can 'drop' their shipments quickly and carriers such as DHL, DPD, TNT and more can then easily pick them up at fixed times. 

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checklist for becoming a Drop-Off Point

Streamline your pick and pack process from your warehouse

Do you want to make your location available as a drop-off point? How nice! In order to join our unique on-demand network, your location must meet a number of criteria. Wuunder drop-off points should all be located in easily accessible locations such as a store warehouse, an office building reception or a courier location. In addition, it is nice if your location is open on a Saturday or Sunday. This always offers our affiliated couriers and carriers a safe haven to work more efficiently in their business. 

Take matters into your own hands

Only our affiliated couriers and carriers are welcome at your location for the delivery and collection of packages. A drop-off point is therefore not a Parcelshop where consumers and business customers can pick up or deliver their shipments directly. It is more like a cross-dock facility from where shipments are sent immediately without storage. At a drop-off point, the delivered packages and documents are provided with the correct shipping label and then passed on to the correct carrier.

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But that will take me a lot of time ...

No, not at all! All you have to do is to receive the shipment from the (bicycle) courier, sign for receipt and sort the shipment in a roll container or pallet per carrier. As soon as the carrier picks up his own shipments, let the driver sign for the receipt of the shipments. If you want to earn something extra, you can also attach shipping labels or temporarily store the shipments. All other work is arranged by Wuunder.

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