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This privacy statement describes the working methods of Wuunder Nederland BV, hereinafter Wuunder, with regard to the collection, use, disclosure and storage of personal information (as described below) that you provide us directly via our platform. Please read this privacy statement carefully before using our platform or entering any personal data on our platform.

The current platform is managed by Wuunder Holding BV, located in Weert, also on behalf of the entities of the group and is subject to Dutch law. Wuunder Holding BV, like its group members, can be reached by e-mail: or telephone: +31 20 261 57 48.

Personal information

The following information is collected:

  1. Customer data we collect includes names, information about your shipment, photos of shipments, locations and otherwise, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, text messaging and whats app.
  2. Business partner information, which collects are names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, text messaging and whats app and locations.
  3. Information from visitors to websites and social media channels that we collect are names, email addresses and telephone numbers.
  4. Information from applicants for employees or for hiring as a specialist or consultant, which we collect are names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and the information provided in a curriculum vitae.

The information collected by Wuunder consists in part of data relating to an identifiable person (“Personal Information”).

Collection of Personal Information and Purpose

Wuunder collects, stores, uses or processes otherwise important information about each shipment that we handle so that we can deliver these shipments efficiently and in accordance with customer expectations. Wuunder uses the information about its customers, their shipments and their shipping and / or receiving profile to provide or improve the services we offer to our customers, to inform our customers of potentially interesting additional services, to our legitimate business interests. promote (including trend analysis and market studies), set prices, establish credit, invoice and comply with government regulations applicable to us or our subsidiaries.

The Personal Information we collect is processed only in accordance with the foregoing purposes and enables Wuunder to provide its services and we do not store the information longer than is legally permitted and / or necessary for this purpose. If no legal period applies, Personal Information will be destroyed as soon as it no longer serves any legitimate purpose.

Purposes and bases of personal information

For the following purposes, personal information is collected and used on the Wuunder platform (app, browser, plug-in, extension and MyWuunder), Wuunder websites, Wuunder social media channels (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Mailchimp) and in (online) campaigns via Google, among others.

  1. For the execution of the services offered and therefore the agreement: the efficient, easy and personal sending and receiving of documents, packages and pallets.
  2. Being able to track each shipment by shipper, Wuunder's customer service department receives to identify any issues early and take timely action, completely unburdening the shipper and recipient (no need to worry).
  3. Give sender and receiver the opportunity to easily communicate via the platform about the shipment, with each other, with Wuunder's customer service department and with the transport parties.
  4. For updates on the (current) developments of Wuunder, the logistics market and its partners, so that senders and recipients can make better use of our services.
  5. For example, but not exclusively, the legitimate interest of Wuunder in the context of analysis purposes to further improve our service to sender and recipient and to tailor products even better to the wishes of our customers.
  6. This includes, but is not limited to, the legitimate interest of Wuunder in the context of recruiting new customers and (re) activating existing customers.
  7. For, but not limited to, Wuunder's legitimate interest in recruiting, collaborating and communicating with business partners (carriers, couriers and drop-off points).
  8. For example, but not exclusively, recruitment of employees and hiring of consultants and specialists.

The above data processing may also be justified if the data subject has given permission for this data processing. This consent can be revoked at any time. However, this will not affect the lawfulness of Personal Information processed prior to the revocation. Wuunder ensures at all times that every data processing fulfills a legitimate purpose. In addition, Wuunder always takes into account the requirements of proportionality and subsidiarity in its processing of Personal Information.

Third parties

While we collect and use information about our customers, we may rely on subcontractors to process that information for the purposes listed in the previous section. In addition, we may ask our subsidiaries to process the information on our behalf for those purposes. These suppliers and / or subsidiaries must keep this information confidential and may not use it for any other purpose. In addition, as we expand our business, we may buy or sell subsidiaries or business units. As part of these transactions, data from the customers of the subsidiaries or business units may form part of the transferred operating assets.

We continuously monitor that the provisions of applicable local laws and regulations are complied with by external processors, such as suppliers and subcontractors, of Personal Information that we have.

Fair and secure processing of your Personal Information

Our policy is to take all necessary steps to ensure that all Personal Information we have is used fairly and legally. We will take all necessary steps to implement and respect this privacy policy. All our employees and data processors who have access to Personal Information are required to respect the confidentiality of your Personal Information.

Transfer of Personal Information

In order to perform our services, your Personal Information may be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area where the laws protecting personal data are less extensive. In addition, the Personal Information you enter on freely accessible parts of our platform may be accessed by individuals located outside the European Economic Area, where the laws protecting personal data may be less extensive.

Wuunder may be obliged to pass on your information to local or national (foreign) authorities, in order to comply with the applicable legislation or to execute the agreement and thereby accelerate the delivery of your package to the recipient.

Access and correction

By law, every user of our services has the following rights:

  • right to information about the processing operations;
  • right to inspect his data;
  • right to correction of the data if it is not correct;
  • right to erasure and 'right to be forgotten';
  • right to restriction of data processing;
  • right to object to data processing;
  • right to transfer his data (data portability);
  • right not to be subject to automated decision-making.

To guarantee your rights as well as possible, it is possible to contact Wuunder via to know what Personal Information Wuunder has collected about you. We will answer your request within 4 weeks (but usually faster). If we cannot provide you with access to your Personal Information, we will always state the reasons for this refusal. Wuunder may also reject a request if the request is excessive or illegal. In order to have correct, up-to-date and complete Personal Information, we ask you to report any incorrect information. We then adjust the incorrect or outdated information.

You can close your account by sending an email to

If your account is closed, Wuunder will delete all your personal information.

Wuunder multi-device platform

The following sections describe how we protect the Personal Information on the Wuunder platform (s).

Unless expressly stated otherwise, we may use the information you provide to improve the content of our platform, to tailor the platform to your preferences, to provide (at your request) information, for our marketing and research activities and for the purposes stated in this privacy statement. We may pass on your Personal Information if we are required to do so by applicable law, court order or government regulation.

Collection of Personal Information on the Wuunder Platform

Users can visit most parts of this platform without revealing their identity or revealing information about themselves. However, in order to use some of our interactive services, they will need to identify themselves. Wuunder may ask users to provide Personal Information on this platform. This information may be shared with our subsidiaries.

Actively collecting Personal Information and Purpose

While using or visiting our platform, Wuunder actively collects information about the visitors by asking specific questions and allowing you to communicate directly with us via email / chat. Some of the information you enter on the website may be Personal Information.

For certain parts of this website, you may be asked to enter Personal Information to enjoy certain features (such as email alerts or newsletters). Whenever information is requested, it will be indicated what information is required and for what purpose.

Passive collection of Personal information and purpose

When navigating a platform, certain information may be passively collected (ie without actively communicating this information) through various technological tools such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, cookies (see next section), meta tags and navigation data.

The Wuunder platform uses HTTPS, a protocol that lies on top of the Internet Protocol, which ensures that your data is always in a secure environment. Ultimately, the platform uses Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. An IP address is a number assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider to allow you access to the Internet. We use your IP address to investigate problems with our server, to collect statistical information, to determine the fastest connection between your computer and our platform, and to manage and improve the platform.


Cookies are small text files that are sent from a platform to the user's browser and stored on your device (phone, computer, laptop or tablet). Cookies make platform usage easier because they store and manage the status, usage, preferences and other useful information about the user. The first time you visit our website or platform, we ask for your permission to use cookies. However, the users can adjust this setting if they want to refuse the cookies or be warned when the cookies are sent.

When you use or visit this platform, Wuunder may store information on your computer. This in the form of a cookie. We use cookies to store information that can help us improve the content of our website and / or adapt it to your preferences. Wuunder also uses cookies to provide statistical information about the use of to collect. The cookie can only be sent via be obtained.

We ask your permission for the use of cookies the first time. However, if you prefer not to accept cookies or want to be notified when a cookie is used, you can adjust the settings of your web browser with your preferences. If you are unsure how to adjust your browser settings, please consult the documentation provided by your browser vendor. However, be aware that if you or your website manager has disabled cookies, the website will not function optimally.

We also rely on third party services (such as Google Analytics) to collect statistical information about the users of our platform. These use cookies to provide us with non-personally identifiable information about your visit to this platform (such as the number of visits, the location from which you visited the website and the number of pages you visited on this website). We use this information to improve the layout and content of our platform. Information collected by these third parties outside - if applicable - are not subject to this privacy statement, but to the privacy statements of the relevant third party. More information about how Google processes your information is available at To opt out of Google Analytics in your browser, go to


Wuunder takes all reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect your Personal Information collected through the Wuunder platform from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. Be aware that no internet connection is 100% safe or interference free. In particular, emails sent from or to this app and / or website may not be secure. You should therefore carefully determine what information you provide by e-mail. In addition, if you use passwords, ID numbers or other access modalities on this platform, you are responsible for their security.

Links to other websites

For the convenience of the user, links or references to other websites have been added on this platform. Wuunder is not responsible for the privacy policy or the content of those external websites and this privacy statement does not apply to these websites under any circumstances. We recommend that you read the privacy statement of every website you visit.


Wuunder may amend this privacy statement at its sole discretion. Before the revision of this privacy statement, Wuunder will inform the users of this platform.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please contact to contact us. This will be processed as soon as possible by the responsible person of Wuunder. If, despite our careful working method, you have a complaint that Wuunder has not handled properly, you have the option to file your complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Final provision

Dutch law applies to all our activities. Disputes can only be submitted to the competent judge of the Limburg court. This privacy statement has been drawn up in different languages. In the event of any dispute about the content and / or purport, only the Dutch text and its interpretation under Dutch law will prevail at all times.

Last modified on April 26, 2018 and filed with the Chamber of Commerce under number 65054253.

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