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The most innovative shipping platform for all your shipments worldwide

Save time, money and unnecessary frustration through your shipping process
fully automate.

We support you in your entire shipping process

Wuunder offers everything you need to ship more efficiently and help you exceed your customers' expectations. You can easily book any document, package, pallet or (sea) container with more than 300 carriers. You process orders smarter and faster, print shipping labels without any effort, optimize your check-out for higher conversion and simplify your warehouse process. We proactively track your shipment, check your invoices and take care of all your shipping worries, so that you no longer have to worry about this. 

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Ship from U to U

With Wuunder you ship from U to U: not from address to address, but from person to person.

The human aspect is extremely important to us. That's why we are more than just a shipping platform; we are a service provider in the field of logistics.

We understand logistics

Our team of experts has

250+ years

experience in the logistics sector

Service at the highest level

Immerse yourself in maximum comfort and let yourself be completely unburdened by our unique services after booking. In addition to automating and optimizing your shipping process, we go one step further to ensure that your shipments actually reach their final destination in perfect condition. We monitor all shipments from dispatch to delivery. When something goes wrong somewhere in the shipping process, we make sure it is resolved and all parties involved are informed. You can also contact us for advice on everything related to your shipping process, such as which carriers best suit your shipments and how you can make your shipping process more sustainable. Our Solutions team also supports you from A to Z in arranging non-standard shipments: from heavy packages to air freight!

Service at the highest level

Surprise your customer with an unforgettable shipping experience

Together we can improve services

Always the best shipping options available

Save your precious time spent on finding the best shipping match for all your documents, packages, pallets, (sea) containers and more. With our wide range of (inter) national carriers and local (bicycle) couriers, you always have the best shipping and delivery options at your fingertips. Is your favorite carrier not listed? Then we will immediately start to analyse all the possibilities to find the option which suits you best.

Choose your favourite carrier

You always ship at the cheapest price, whether you send a few packages a week or a hundred a day. You determine the conditions, benefit from the competitive prices of Wuunder, define your own transport contract or combine both options. You can always choose the most appropriate option for your business.

Take full advantage of our extended service

Focus entirely on the growth of your business and say goodbye to countless phone calls and a overflowing mailbox. In addition to proactively tracking and monitoring all your shipments and calling carriers and recipients to find out important information, we can take on many more logistics activities from you. Making claims for lost or damaged packages, checking all carriers' invoices and requesting a credit note where necessary are just a handful of options from our wide range of additional services. Saving time is starting internally, which is why you can also easily transfer your phone service to us so that we can efficiently answer all transport-related questions of your customers.

Outsource your complete shipping process? No problem, we will arrange it! 

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We will prepare your account for shipment, after which you can start immediately!

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Shipping costs are a deal breaker

The vast majority of Dutch consumers say they order less online if shipping costs continue to rise. This is evident from our research that was conducted among more than 1.000 Dutch consumers. You can read all the results and insights in this white paper.

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