Send with UPS

automate your UPS shipping process

Link your shipping process to UPS and say goodbye to manually entering your address details. For each order, the UPS rates of the various services and delivery times are automatically displayed. In this overview you can book your shipment and collection at the touch of a button. In addition, we also automate the pick & pack process in your warehouse and the printing of shipping labels via our smart shipping software.

When you use our proactive customer service, we track all your shipments closely and we immediately work on resolving issues. So you really don't have to do anything yourself!

Use your own contract or take advantage of the convenient Wuunder rates

Get instant access to the different UPS shipping options and enjoy all the benefits. Use the competitive UPS rates via Wuunder or load your own transport contract. In MyWuunder you can see the UPS rates of Wuunder per service or your own rates, when the shipment is picked up and delivered. Depending on your weekly volume, you can quickly do a lot ask for a discount.

You can combine the desired UPS transport service with other carriers so that you always choose a shipping method that best suits your business.

All UPS Services

Book quickly and easily a:

  • UPS Express Plus (9 hours delivery)
  • UPS Express
  • UPS Express Saver
  • UPS standard

Cash on Delivery is also possible if you only want the recipient to pay upon delivery to the door

Go global

Send shipments throughout Europe and the rest of the world with the same ease

Increase control and confidence in your delivery process and send your parcels and documents across Europe and around the world with peace of mind.

Do not worry about non-standard sizes

In addition to the standard dimensions and weights that UPS uses in its product portfolio, they offer the additional option of sending 'heavier guns'. This service also allows you to send shipments weighing more than 30 kilograms or with dimensions larger than 120x120x150 cm and a belt size of 3 m3.

Action for delayed shipments

Picking up shipments with UPS is possible in the Netherlands and Germany

Wuunder has a contract and link with UPS in the Netherlands and Germany. In these countries we can book shipments for you fully automatically and have them collected. We can arrange (import) shipments for you via UPS in almost all other countries in the world. Note: services may differ in countries outside the Netherlands.

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The Netherlands
Combine carriers

Pick up without any hassle

  • Take advantage of the UPS pick-up service between 16:00 PM and 17:00 PM on weekdays.

Wuunder can arrange the (daily) pick-up for you in various ways.

Picking up shipments with UPS is possible in the Netherlands and Germany

Wuunder has a contract and link with UPS in the Netherlands. Here we can book shipments and a pick-up ride fully automatically for you. In almost all other countries in the world we can arrange (import) shipments via UPS for you. Note: services may differ in countries outside the Netherlands.

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The Netherlands

Create extra security in your delivery process

Take matters into your own hands and increase control in your delivery process. Within the services of UPS it is possible to additionally insure valuable shipments. If you want to know up to what amount you can insure shipments or other details, click on the button below.

send unpackaged packages effortlessly
Print shipping labels smarter and faster

Rely on a successful delivery

Always include the company name, contact person and telephone number on the shipment and limit the number of returns in your business. This not only increases the delivery chance in your delivery process, but also saves you a lot of unnecessary costs. This is very useful, because you remain responsible for the product until your customer has actually received the package.

Check possible issues with UPS

Within MyWuunder we inform you before you book about the possible delays and other issues with carriers. The link below will take you directly to more information about the status of the services provided by UPS.

Send without worries

Combine UPS with other carriers?

Wuunder collaborates with more than 300 suitable carriers. Do you want to know which other carriers are connected or what their qualities are? Then take a look at the page about the most used carriers.