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Ready to spoil yourself?

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Yes, you read that right. Wuunder = a verb. With our 79 colleagues, we turn the market upside down a little every day. Will you participate?

Creating a great product requires good teamwork.

Meet some of the pioneers 🚀

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Own responsibility

At Wuunder we believe in freedom and independence. No bosses, but room for you to pave your own way. Working remotely at Wuunder means taking responsibility for your work and being involved in our success. With us, you have the freedom to manage your own work schedule and contribute to our growth. Your responsibility is to deliver results no matter where you work. We encourage involvement and give you the opportunity to help build the future of Wuunder, wherever you are.


At Wuunder we breathe entrepreneurship. We are not an ordinary company; we are a team of professionals who are always pioneering and striving for new heights. Everyone thinks along with this, because we believe that the best ideas can come from all angles. Our team of passionate professionals is always ready to support your vision and help you grow.

To wonder

At Wuunder it's all about surprising our customers. We deliver packages from you to you, with a real customer focus. Our mission is to amaze you with new features and a solution-oriented approach. We believe that logistics is more than just parcel delivery; it is an opportunity to amaze. With our dedicated team, always looking for innovative ways to meet needs, we are constantly pushing the boundaries.

Working at Wuunder has its advantages

A versatile position with responsibility and where no day is the same.

We are a scale-up. And we believe in a boss-free culture. You will not find any managers with us.

We're a little nerdy. In a good way. We employ experts with a preference for transport and optimal CX.

We work 99% remotely. You get everything you need to create a great workplace at home.

Let's date

It's already starting to bubble but you're not completely convinced yet? Or you know what you can do but you haven't been able to prove it yet?

Plan a date!

Super simple. Choose the department. And we ensure a match with the best colleague. During the date you ask all your questions so that you get a good idea of ​​working at Wuunder. And afterwards you decide whether to submit your CV.

See you soon!


Shipping costs are a deal breaker

The vast majority of Dutch consumers say they order less online if shipping costs continue to rise. This is evident from our research that was conducted among more than 1.000 Dutch consumers. You can read all the results and insights in this white paper.

Research shipping costs

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