Easily connect with Wuunder

Save time on the most complex process of your business: shipping. You can simply register and subscribe your e-commerce shop, marketplace, ERP system or API simply link to Wuunder's shipping platform and thus make unlimited use of all the carriers you need. You then import orders manually or fully automatically. In addition, we also automate the pick-and-pack process in your warehouse and the printing of shipping labels via our smart shipping software..

When you use our proactive customer service, we track all your shipments closely and we immediately work on resolving issues. So you really don't have to do anything yourself.

Wuunder for developers

Wuunder has a team of no-nonsense developers who like to think along with e-commerce specialists. If you could use some extra help with connecting, you can of course also contact our developers directly personally by telephone or email.

Suitable carriers

Say goodbye to the limitation of one carrier, with Wuunder you immediately have 40.000 different delivery and shipping options at your fingertips. Every carrier has its own specialties and by using Wuunder you can take advantage of this.


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