Warehouse and fulfillment


Save time and get more profit from your business by outsourcing all direct logistics activities through our warehouse and fulfillment solutions. Optimize the picking, packing and printing of shipping labels and process your orders effortlessly. We manage every fulfillment party for you and arrange the transport for you, improving the efficiency in your total logistics chain. We take all logistical concerns out of your hands.

Why make things difficult when Wuunder can make it easier?


Always a safe haven for your shipments

Concentrate on the growth of your company and don't let a lack of storage space hinder you. Use our warehouse solutions and place your shipments temporarily for one or more days with one of our partners. Organize the transport from your own company and give us a message if we can send the shipment from the warehouse.

Take matters into your own hands
Print shipping labels in Bulk from your Dashboard

Outsource all logistics activities

Reduce the number of manual actions in your shipping process and process your orders effortlessly. Use our fulfillment solutions and save time by outsourcing picking, packing and printing of shipping labels. Whether it is a permanent takeover, only during your peak period or for only a part of the stock: everything is possible.

Smoothen your shipping process via our cross docking solution

Effortlessly create a method for loading and unloading your transport. Through our smart cross docking solution, you outsource the process from unloading to sending the content to 1 or more locations. Combine it easily with our warehouse and fulfillment solutions. 

Deliver DHL

Letting go of jobs solves a lot

Build in extra 'hands' at peak times or for project-related jobs and save time on every shipment. Outsource the entire shipping process to us, from picking up your shipments to picking, packing and printing shipping labels.
Arranged quickly, delivered quickly.

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