parcel shop locator

boost your sales with flexible delivery options

Increase conversion with flexible delivery options and pick-up point deliveries in your checkout. Simply activate our parcel shop locator in your checkout and let your European customers select a collection point of their choice. As a result, you not only offer more options for the delivery of a package, but you also add free value to the lives of your customers in no time. You can filter which carriers you want to make visible. Possible with DPD, PostNL and DHL eCommerce.

Available carriers

DHL service points

In total, DHL has a total of 3000 Service Points throughout Europe, of which 1300 are located in the Netherlands.

This means there is always a collection point near your customer.

PostNL points

PostNL has over 3000 collection points throughout the Netherlands and 800 points in Belgium. These points are located at well-known locations such as Albert Heijn, Bruna, Jumbo and Primera. This means there is always a location nearby.

DPD collection points

The DPD collection points are spread throughout Europe with a total of 42.000 points on the counter. In the pick-up point selector, many DPD options will therefore be displayed close to the customer's location.

Parcel shop locator

what is a parcel shop locator?

An indispensable element in your service when offering flexibility and convenience to your customers are high on the priority list. Delivering shipments to collection points allows recipients to pick up their order at their desired location at their own time and time. This means that customers do not have their daily rhythm before receiving their order. In the check-out of your shop one overview is shown with all collection point options where you can deliver with the corresponding opening hours. A handy tool to offer your customers more service without you being there yourself some extra effort for that
need to carry.

integrate collection points in 'no time' in your webshop

possible shops

How? Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Integrating the Parcelshop locator in your own webshop is a breeze. All you have to do is enable the parcelshop shipping method in the backend of your webshop. If you need a little more help, you can read all the details in our webshop manuals.

You will find an overview of all our manuals here. 

An image says more than 1000 words

The pick-up point picker works very easily. Your customer only needs to enter their address during checkout and the collection points in the area will be shown immediately. This allows the customer to select a pick-up point of his choice. In addition to displaying the address data, the distance is even indicated in meters.

Make it as easy as possible for your customers and offer them all the information they need on a silver platter. Because the locations and opening hours are shown in the pick-up point selector, your customer will never have to search for this himself again. 

pamper your customers

Increase the delivery rate

By adding the parcelshop locator to your standard options, your customers no longer run any risk of missing out on the delivery person. Your customers no longer need to be at home to receive their package. As soon as the package has been delivered, your customer will be notified immediately. It is also possible to receive your packages here yourself.

Switch carriers with one click

Organize your check-out entirely according to your own wishes and filter the collection points that you want visible based on your contracts with carriers. Simply switch your favorite carrier (s) on or off and switch with one click where necessary.
Combine carriers

Want to know all the details?

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