In conversation with Intermediar

From customs to ICT: people are still needed in these sectors

Vacancy bank Intermediary, the work-life platform for highly educated people, recently talked to co-founder Jeroen Gehlen to find out why there are so many vacancies at Wuunder. The answer was simple: 'growth in e-commerce will continue to increase, resulting in an enormous need for personnel in transport and logistics. The coronavirus will only accelerate this growth. Not only because many people no longer dare to go to a physical store or because they want to save the extra time that the 1,5 meter economy costs, but mainly because people have become used to the convenience of receiving orders at home. Ordering from the comfort of your home secretly saves you a lot of time that you can spend on more important things. '


Although the economy and the business community are severely affected by the corona virus, some sectors are in dire need of additional forces during this time of crisis. According to labor market specialist Intelligence Group, more than 15 new vacancies have come online since March 45.000. For the coming years, care and education will remain healthy, construction will continue to show shortages and there will be structural growth around everything related to logistics, distribution and transport of goods from web shops.

In the coming years, there will also be above-average opportunities with the government, Rijkswaterstaat, the Tax and Customs Administration, the police, defense and customs. And of course with technology and ICT.

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