The benefits of a partnership with Wuunder for webshop builders

As a webshop builder you always want to offer the best to your customers. With a more complete solution, you ensure that you build an optimally equipped webshop. In addition, you increase the chance that new customers want to do business with you and current customers remain loyal to you. Through a partnership with Wuunder, you transform into a so-called 'one-stop-shop' for your customers. How do you create that more complete solution as a webshop builder and what the benefits are of a partnership with Wuunder? You read that in 
this article.

The driving force behind a webshop

As a webshop builder you are often the spider in the web that makes it possible for entrepreneurs to enter the online market. Customers often only want one thing: a complete, user-friendly webshop where consumers can easily order their products. But the simple processing of orders is also crucial for a good webshop, something that the customer sometimes forgets. As a partner of Wuunder, you can easily fulfill those customer wishes and more. And those wishes naturally start with the right e-commerce platform.

Link your webshop very easily

A big advantage of Wuunder's shipping software is that it is easy to link to various e-commerce platforms, such as Magento, WooCommerce en Shopify. Below you will find a list with all the options. Click on the logos to learn more about the different links.

Our different links

With the APIs of all these e-commerce platforms, Wuunder's transport management service works together effortlessly. Does your customer prefer a different link? No problem! Our experts realize customization where necessary. So you also show your end customer that you are flexible and that you have a solution for every issue. We make linking the web shops, via plugin or API, as easy as possible with our detailed manuals. You can read step by step how to realize the link. In most cases, the entire process is completed within a few steps.

In addition to webshop links, we also offer marketplace links. Does your customer want to link the webshop to a marketplace such as The Amazon, eBay of, that is also possible!

Do you or your customer run into an issue that you cannot resolve yourself? Then our developers will help immediately. With us you don't have to wait days for an answer.

The benefits for your customer

As a partner of Wuunder, you can offer your customers an all-in-one service package. In addition to the fact that the customer can choose from a wide range of e-commerce platforms, a large part of the transport process is taken off their hands. A nice webshop provides many orders, but the processing of those orders sometimes causes problems. Then Wuunder is ready for your customers to solve the problem. Because we think about the handling process at the front, we help the customer at the back. In short, everything your customer needs can be purchased in one place. This saves time and money. 

Within the all-in-one service package, your customers have the option to certain carriers to choose. In total, there is a choice of more than 300 carriers that can be combined without restrictions. These carriers include DHL, PostNL and DPD. Not only parcel transport is possible, but also pallet, (sea) container and courier transport. This way your customers can always choose the most suitable way of shipping, for every type of shipment. Multiple and diverse shipping options also increase convenience for the consumer. They determine how they want to receive the order. 

Every shipment is closely monitored by our customer service department. Are there problems with the carrier due to, for example, delay or damage? Then we will contact the recipient and carrier. All shipping concerns of your customers are solved.

The whole booking system van Wuunder is automated, so your customer can book directly per order or automatically in bulk. With import and shipping rules that your customer can set himself, the booking process becomes even easier. 

Your customer can also benefit from a lot at Wuunder extras. Consider, for example, checking purchase invoices and submitting claims to the carrier. Time-consuming processes are therefore taken off your hands.


An active collaboration from both sides

We stand for active cooperation in which the knife cuts both ways. Various customers contact us with various questions. Sometimes we have to deal with customers who first want to delve into the possibilities in the field of shipping before they actually start building a webshop. 

But we also regularly speak to customers who are struggling with specific questions, wishes or functionalities that they would like to see in their webshop. 'Do you still know a good webshop builder? ' also comes by regularly. Regardless of the scenario, we are happy to forward any (potential) customer who approaches us with a webshop issue to a specialist.

A win-win for both parties

A partnership with Wuunder means a win-win for all parties. It offers room for new possibilities and creates opportunities for growth and flexibility. It also immediately gives you the most important characteristic to be successful as a company: distinctive character. We think along with you on various issues, are creative and always available. More information? Go to our business partner page or takes contact with us.

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