Parcel radar: almost one in ten parcels delayed last week

The temperatures of above thirty degrees last week have had an impact on public transport, on the working hours of roofers, among others, but also on the number of packages that were not delivered on time. Eight percent took longer than usual to reach the consumer. North Holland, Utrecht and South Holland in particular had a hard time on Monday: in all these provinces one in three parcels was delayed (34%, 31% and 31%), respectively.

During the week, Noord-Holland turned out to be the most unhappy, where ten percent of the parcels were delayed. Zeeland comes out the best: this is only four percent. Besides Monday, Wednesday was also not a good day in parcel country. At that time, residents of Drenthe in particular had to wait longer for their parcels, as a quarter of the parcels were delayed there.

Few delays this week
This week, the heat will be even less pronounced for the time being and the forecasts are still favourable. For most days, the following applies: ordered today, delivered tomorrow. Only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays it can take a little longer before the package is delivered, namely a little more than 1,5th day.





Jeroen Gehlen, co-founder of Wuunder: “Meanwhile, the heat has dissipated again and we also see fewer delays. However, we should not be too optimistic: a lot of parcel deliverers will take the coming weeks off for vacation, which increases the risk of delays again. And as you know, it is difficult to find staff. 

As Wuunder, we keep a close eye on developments and help recipients by proactively informing them about delays. We also try to solve the issues together with the carrier.”

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